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Weekly Round Up

Friday, April 12, 2019

Happy Friday!

It's officially the weekend and I couldn't be more excited! Today after work I am heading to the barn for a riding lesson, then tomorrow morning I'm doing a shoot with the wonderful Nicole Schultz, and then all weekend long we're watching Diesel's best friend Neville and so Diesel is beyond excited. P.S. if you don't know who Nicole is or follow her work, you're totally missing out because she's amazing!

I also wanted to take the time to say thank you to everyone who read this week's rider interview post with Bailey Nolte. I got so many positive responses from it and it means a lot to me that you all took the time to read it and get to know her even better! Thank you so much to everyone!

Below are this week's round up articles! I hope you all love them.

Brunette girl wearing Feeling Salty Pink And Green Leaf Print One Piece from Red Dress Boutique and blue distressed high waisted shorts from Altard State at beach in Florida


Who else LOVES Indian food? Now let's get more specific - who LOVES Naan bread. Let's be honest, that's the only reason we go eat Indian food right? #carbsarelife haha! Tieghan Gerard from half baked harvest shared a recipe for herbed garlic butter naan bread and it looks absolutely delicious. Below is the recipe plus a quick video she shared on her Instagram of her making it. 

Okay, who equally loves Taco Tuesday as much as me? If you answered no then we can't be friends. Just kidding ha! But really...ha! If you said yes and you happen to be vegetarian, I found a great quick lunch or dinner recipe that looks delicious. Smitten Kitchen shared a blog post about crispy black bean tacos with feta and slaw on their blog and I already think this should be added to everyone's taco Tuesday next week!

I truly believe that french fries are essential to a happy diet. I mean, who doesn't like french fries?! America's Test Kitchen shared a recipe for thick cut oven fries featuring an ingredient you may not have used before: cornstarch! Check out the recipe below to see how you can get nice and crispy fries by using a regular oven!


With the temperatures warming up, it's finally starting to be beach weather again here in Florida! Swimsuits, cover-ups, and more are going to start filling up my closet and I can't wait! The Aloha Babe shared the most dreamy beach look on her Instagram this week that I could totally see doubling as a Coachella look too - so if you're going you should totally hop on that!

See it here:

You can never go wrong with a little black dress, especially one that has exquisite lace details on the back. Yasmina Chalhoub of Dress Well Travel Often shared a date night wardrobe essential: a little black dress paired with a leopard sandal. You could instantly add a little extra edge to this look with a black moto jacket or keep it sweet with a black lace cardigan! Either way, your date night look will be stunning!

See it here:


Ashton Kutcher is one of my favorite celebrities because he's just such an all around great guy. He's shared inspiring acceptance speeches, acted in many memorable and historical roles, and has launched many incredible start-ups that always benefit people. His newest venture, in honor of a tradition he does with his wife Mila Kunis is called Date Night VIP. Date Night VIP creates all-inclusive date night packages for you and your significant other without you having to do any of the work. Essentially you're able to just show up and have a memorable experience that you could see on let's say The Bachelor or Bachelorette for example. I personally think this is such a cool idea and love the idea behind it. Tap the link below to learn more about it and to see if it's in your area yet!

See Ashton explaining the concept here:
See it here:
See it here"

Pretty sure the internet literally broke two days ago when Disney aired another trailer for the awaited remake of The Lion King. When I was little, The Lion King was one of my favorite movies of all time and it still is. Every trailer looks better than the next and I cannot wait to see this movie when it hits theaters July 19th (aka 10 days after my birthday so happy birthday to meeeee).

Watch it here:

For the past ten years, the Jersey Shore has had a whole new meaning. It's not just a location anymore but a place filled with some of the funniest, trashiest, and downright Jersey-iest people you'll ever find. If you've watched the show then you're instantly familiar with DJ Pauly D and Vinny. Turns out, they're launching their own dating show called Double Shot At Love that combines all of the best dating show concepts like The Bachelor and more. Check out the article below for a quick overview and a video from DJ Pauly D introducing the show and check out the first episode that aired last night!

Read & watch it here:


One of my bucket list items is to ride a horse on the beach. I follow a few New Zealand equestrians and am seriously jealous of their lives because 1) they live in my dream vacation destination and 2) same as number one haha! Ash of The Blachat and her friend Eloise Stevenson were able to partner with Asmar Equestrian and head down to Bethells Beach. Needless to say the view was absolutely stunning and this location is officially on my list of places to see whenever I make it over there one day!

See it here:

I recently discovered a new equestrian blogger that I absolutely love. She's so down to earth and she has my dream horse - a dapple grey! Her blog is called The Equestrian Lifestyle Of Ellie and it's all about her journey with her horses including her off the track thoroughbred named Geronimo! She does real journal entries, cool vlogs documenting her entire journey, and more and I just love it! Check her out below!

See it here:

One of my favorite artists is Kasia Bukowska. Her original colorful equine prints and paintings are absolutely incredible and each one is definitely one of a kind. When I get my own horse one day, I will definitely be reaching out to her for a portrait because she is just beyond talented! 

See it here:

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