Sparkles and Sunshine: Tasty Treat Co. Easter Horse Treat Collection

Tasty Treat Co. Easter Horse Treat Collection

Friday, April 19, 2019

Happy Good Friday!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day. I wanted to kick things off today with a new company I tried for the first time this week called Tasty Treat Company. Tasty Treat Company specializes in fresh, hand-crafted treats for your horse or dog! They have a variety of adorable collections and designs, including today's feature: their Easter Collection!

Below I'll go in detail about their ingredients used, my experience with them, and more!
Brunette girl wearing orange off the shoulder chiffon Romper holding Easter basket with Tasty Treat Company Easter horse treats
First off, can we talk about how cute their treats are? All of their treats have the most intricate designs on them and they look exactly how they look online when you receive them in the mail.

Their treats also have healthy, wholesome ingredients. Below is a breakdown directly from their FAQ page of their website:

"*All Ingredients 100% Non-GMO* Ground Flaxseed, Unrefined Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Cinnamon, 100% Whole Grain Whole Wheat Flour, and Blackstrap Molasses. 

Icing Ingredients: Confectioners Sugar, Meringue Powder, and Water."

They definitely have their flavor combination on point because I gave some to Addison this week after my riding lesson and he absolutely LOVED them!

green Easter basket with Tasty Treat Company Easter horse treats

If you're new to horse health like I am, then you might not know everything that's good for horses yet. Tasty Treat Company takes those worries out of the way with a ton of information about the benefits of their treat's ingredients. I learned so much when I read it! Check out their breakdown below:

"Flaxseed is not only a superfood, but also a popular nutritional supplement as it is high in Omega 3 fatty acids - an essential "good fat" proven to have extraordinary cardiovascular benefits. It is also proven to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, relieve symptoms of sweet itch and skin conditions, promote healthy hooves and coat, and to help arthritis or joint stiffness with its anti-inflammatory properties. Our Unrefined Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has been proven to improve gut health and assist with ulcers, acidosis, colic and dysbiosis. It contains twice the amount of energy in comparison to protein and is easily digestible. Vitamin C, E. Capric Acid, and Lauric Acid promote healthy skin, hair, and hooves as well. Cinnamon is considered a superfood as it is rich in antioxidants, which eliminate harmful molecules in the body. As an herbal antibiotic, cinnamon is also able to fight bacterial and fungal infections. One of cinnamon's most compelling benefits, however, is its anti-diabetic effect - boosting sensitivity to insulin and lowering insulin resistance (insulin resistance can lead to the development of related diseases such as Laminitis or Cushing's Disease), regulating the breakdown of carbohydrates, and reducing the amount of glucose in the body. Essentially, cinnamon is a natural way to control blood sugar levels. Whole Wheat Whole Grain Flour is an unbleached, never bromated flour milled from the entire wheat kernel so that it contains all the nutrition intended. This ingredient adds fiber, protein, vitamins, and nutrients to our treats. Blackstrap Molasses is yet another superfood ingredient, completely incomparable to a normal jar of molasses. Blackstrap Molasses contains vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, potassium, and selenium. Not only does it improve your horses overall health, but it has been proven to help strengthen their bones, too!"

Brunette girl wearing orange off the shoulder chiffon Romper holding Easter basket with Tasty Treat Company Easter horse treats

When I received my treats in the mail, I was SO impressed with their shipping. I was curious how the treats would be shipped so that they wouldn't arrive broken. Each treat was packaged in small individual bubble wrap bags, protecting each cookie and their intricate designs. I was so impressed by the amount of effort that went in to these delicious treats!

Last but most certainly not least, I love that this company is a local, homegrown Florida company! I love and try to support any company that is made in the United States because my mom has her own small business and it takes a lot of work, effort, and passion to have your own company. So, tons of respect to this company!

Brunette girl wearing orange off the shoulder chiffon Romper holding Easter basket with Tasty Treat Company Easter horse treats

I ordered another set of cookies in addition to the Easter treats and I will be sure to share those soon! I highly recommend this company and can't wait to order again!

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Photography: Nikki B Photography

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