Sparkles and Sunshine: Spring Get Active Challenge - Visit The Playground

Spring Get Active Challenge - Visit The Playground

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Happy Tuesday,

Who LOVED going to the playground as a kid? From slides to swings and jungle gyms to rattling bridges, a playground has everything you need for a fun day! I always went to my local playground as a kid because it was such a fun and happy place to be. I can't tell you how many birthday parties I had/went to at our local playground. It had many picnic areas so that people of all ages could enjoy and celebrate at the same time.

Today's spring get active challenge is to revisit this amazing blast from the past: your playground!

Remember competing with your friends to see who could swing the highest? I sure do! I also remember swinging as high as I could and then jumping off. Whoever stuck the landing clearly won! Ha! Swing is such a fun, invigorating way to spend your time outside. You get a great breeze as you go and as you get higher, you get a great view!

Oh slides, one of my favorites! The best slides are the tunnel ones that loop around. You always know where you're going but the covered, tunnel part of it just adds that sense of adventure. Every playground usually has a handful of different slides of different heights and shapes. I remember also trying to run up them as a kid just so I could slide back down! 

The only rule that a slide comes with is: put your hands up and yell! :)

The local playground that these photos were taken at is called Sunshine Park in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL! This park has a sand pit, slides, swings, and everything you can climb! Plus, attached to it is also a soccer field (where I shot my get active challenge - kill it on the soccer field blog post), and a skate park! If you're local to the Jacksonville, FL or Jacksonville Beaches, FL area, you have to check out sunshine park. 

I had such a great time reliving my childhood with this post and I encourage you to do so as well! Just because you get older, doesn't mean you still can't enjoy all of the things you did as a kid. That's what keeps us young anyways right! So, go outside, have some fun, and don't forget to smile!

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Photography: Nikki B Photography

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