Sparkles and Sunshine: Horseback Rider Interview Series: Jordan Even

Horseback Rider Interview Series: Jordan Even

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Happy Wednesday!

We are officially on the fourth rider of my interview series! This has been one of the most fun things I have done with my blog yet because I have been able to get to know so many people in such a great community. Today's interview is with Jordan Even, also known as Westphaliandreamer on Instagram. I started following Jordan on Instagram a few months ago I believe and instantly loved what she shared and just who she is as a person! Her and her three horses are always working towards something great and I can't wait for all of you to get to know her better today!

P.S. Make sure to wish her awesome horse Cali (pictured below) happy birthday today! This gorgeous mare turns 17 today!!! 

Jordan Even and her chestnut mare

1. How long have you been riding?

I have been riding since I was 11, but took a two year break and got back into riding at 16. 

2. Why do you ride?

I ride because I enjoy being around the horses and for the thrill of it! 

3. What discipline(s) do you ride? Do you have a favorite?

I ride mainly in the jumpers, and in the last year started the hunters and equitation!

4. Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

I LOVE Lillie Keenan! I think she's a fabulous rider and horse woman!

5. Tell us more about Cali, Cadence, and Boots! Height/age/breed/quirks? :) 

I currently have 3 horses Cali, Cadence, and Boots. Cali is 17 and currently half leased out. She's a 16.2hh Westphalian Hanoverian cross. She's a sassy chestnut mare! Boots is my 4 year old TB thats my project. I currently have him in the hunter and equitation rings. He's also a chestnut and 16.2hh. Cadence is 17hh and 3 years old. She's black with 4 white socks. Shes a Trakehner Hanoverian cross with a very goofy personality.

6. How did you find them? How long have you had them?

My previous trainer found Cali when I was looking to enter the jumper ring. She had been sitting in a field for a few years and needed some work. Although she was worth it! Cadence I bought as a foal and she was one of the best decisions I ever made. Boots my current trainer found for me last fall as a project. He has come along so well in the last 6 months!

7. What does your trainer constantly get on to you about? Ha!

My trainer constantly nags me about my shoulder. I like to tip it forward a bit, I think I need a shoulders back lol. 

8. What is the best piece of riding advice you've ever been given?

I've gotten lots of good advice. One thing that every trainer I've worked with has told me, not to give up. I've had some really bad days before and those are words I always feel better when I hear, when I feel I have come to the end of the road. 

9. What motivates you?

My horses do. Everyday I work hard or get their stuff done I am one step towards my goals with them! 

10. How has riding made an impact on other parts of your life?

It helps me get through my day to day life. The barn is my "safe place" and the place I enjoy getting to after work. I look forward to seeing my horses and not having to worry about my everyday life for a bit!

That's all for this week's interview! Make sure to follow Jordan on Instagram and of course two of her amazing photographers Jessie of Jessie's Hoofprints  and Aubrey of Copper Arrow Photography!

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