Sparkles and Sunshine: Happy Easter + Diesel's First Easter Basket

Happy Easter + Diesel's First Easter Basket

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having an egg-citing day and that you have some-bunny to spend it with! Haha! I can never resist a good joke or pun, especially on a holiday. Make sure to head over to my Instagram story today to see some of my favorite Easter jokes!

Today we are enjoying the morning at my parents with all the dogs and Felix. My mom is making blueberry muffins in the shape of Easter bunnies, her favorite Easter lunch meal and she attempted to make Easter bunny pancakes this morning. They looked more like Mickey Mouse but hey, I'm from Orlando so it works right? Ha! Today's blog post features Diesel's first basket and everything that went in it!

Diesel was so excited to have his very own Easter basket for the first time! If you saw my blog post about Diesel's Easter Egg Hunt from this past week then one of these items will look familiar!

First, I found Diesel's Easter basket at Target for $15. I purchased the 12" size to fit all of his toys but online it was sold out in the egg print fabric lining. So I linked the 9" basket instead. If you visit your local target though you'll probably see a ton more options! I will say, I went to the Dollar Tree store first because for something like this I didn't particularly want to spend a ton of money. Unfortunately though they only had tiny and shallow Easter baskets which wouldn't hold any of Diesel's toys. However, if you have a small dog then you might be good!

I did find the egg stick decorations and the bunny ears from the Dollar Tree store though. I had actually bought these same ears from the dollar store last year but I think I threw them away before we moved last year. 

The other items featured in Diesel's Easter basket are the plush Easter egg dog toys from his Easter egg hunt, rope carrot shaped dog toys, and his favorite Blue Buffalo chicken dog treats. I originally ordered a bag of Easter themed Blue Buffalo bunny bar dog treats but they did not arrive in time. However he was able to enjoy them for Easter which is all that matters!

To put the finishing touch on Diesel's Easter basket, I added a cute little bunny charm to the side that I found at Target. They had every letter of the alphabet in blue and pink, making it a cute and easy way to customize your Easter basket!

 Needless to say, Diesel absolutely loved his Easter basket. Plus, his brother and sister back home were able to get their very own Easter egg and carrot dog toys too!

Want to see a funny blooper from this Easter shoot? Check out the photo of Diesel below!

Diesel: "Being a model is soooooooo exhausting!"

I hope you all have a hoppy Easter! Thanks for reading. :) 

Photography: Nikki B Photography

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