Sparkles and Sunshine: Horseback Rider Interview Series: Joslyn Jakoubek

Horseback Rider Interview Series: Joslyn Jakoubek

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

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When I first started the equestrian section on my blog last September, something I wanted to do was to interview riders of many disciplines, ages, locations, etc. since there's so many incredible people within the equestrian community. Today, I wanted to launch this series with someone I admire so much. If you don't know her you will after today. Some of you might know her as Joslynj_equestrian on Instagram. Her and her horse Dolce are the cutest pair and I can't wait for you all to get to know her a bit better today!

1. How long have you been riding? 

I learned to ride when I was in middle school but rode more consistently in high school and college. I am 33 now and so happy to be continuing to learn and grow as a rider!

2. Why do you ride? 

Riding horses gives me freedom; it gives me happiness. Some of my fondest memories have been on the back of a horse and I have never lost that horse crazy love that I have had since I was a child.

3. What discipline(s) do you ride? Do you have a favorite? 

Currently I ride mostly English, and I started jumping last summer. In middle school I learned to ride English but in high school and college I rode mostly western. I love trying new riding disciplines!

4. Who are some of your biggest inspirations? 

The family and friends who have consistently encouraged me to pursue this passion, my husband Matt, and all of the incredible equestrians out there who choose to follow their passions and dreams in all of the many avenues of the sport. I, like many am also inspired by the incredible athletes within the industry who push themselves for greatness and strive to represent the industry in the best ways possible. Additionally, I have found great inspiration in the amazing men and women I have come to know through social media who pursue their equine passions to the fullest and graciously share their journey while also taking the time to encourage and lift up others around them. I appreciate this so much in those who I have come to know within the equestrian community.

5. Tell us more about Dolce! Height/age/breed/quirks? :)

Dolce is a 13 year old 16.2 National Show Horse. (Half Arabian, half Saddlebred) His Sire was the Arabian Stallion Baske Afire and his dam was a Saddlebred named Ring of Fire BM. Dolce is always interested in being the center of attention! He is very curious and loves to seek out and tip things over like bottles or cups (seriously like a cat). He reminds me of a dog sometimes too with how much of an attention seeker he is and how much he loves being “around”. He is a quick learner with an attentive ,bold and sometimes fiery personality, always enjoying new challenges that keep his mind active. From jumping to trail riding to liberty work he has been a fun horse to grow with and ride.

6. How did you find Dolce? How long have you had him? 

I actually found him on a website that lists horses for sale in your area. He was only an hour from me! I have owned him for 4 years now.

7. What does your trainer constantly get on to you about? HA! 

Dolce and I have only just recently started taking jumping lessons so everything is still kind of new to us. I love that when I am able to take a lesson, my trainer is patient with that and continues to challenge us while also being understanding that we are both new to this type of riding.

8. What is the best piece of riding advice you've ever been given?

Learning to connect with your horse not only in the saddle but also on the ground. I have learned a lot about natural horsemanship over the years and I think it can make a huge difference in the connection you have with your horse. 

Also, soft hands.

9. What motivates you?

My past is one of the things that motivates me. I grew up in a family of 10 and we experienced significant financial struggles throughout my childhood and adolescence. I was the second oldest of 8 children, and there was very little opportunity to pursue my riding passion. Every minute I have been able to spend with horses has been something I have had to work extremely hard for and for that reason I don’t take a moment of it for granted. Although I have ridden for over 20 years, I have not had a great deal of formal riding “instruction”. I am constantly motivated to continue to learn and grow as a rider and allow myself to continue to pursue my passions and dreams as an equestrian.Another motivation to me are the stories and lives of the incredible equestrians out there who pursue their passions to the fullest. These are the people I look up to. I also am motivated by the equestrians and equestrian influencers who have encouraged me and told me to never give up my goals and dreams. The equestrian community can be a wonderful place and I feel so very blessed to be a part of this group of people who share one very special thing in common, our love for horses.

10. How has riding made an impact on other parts of your life?

Riding  has positively impacted my life in so many ways. I have had the opportunity to work with rescue horses, abused horses and green broke horses. I have ridden cutting horses, western pleasure horses, english horses and now learning to jump, I have continued to see the value of experiencing different riding styles and learning how to interact with different types of horses. Although I haven’t taken as many “lessons” compared to some riders, I have become a more experienced  rider through my experiences. I have learned to meet horses where they are at and have learned to challenge myself through the experiences I have had. This has allowed me to grow exponentially as a person. Riding horses can teach you courage not only in riding but in other areas in life. Courage to take on new things, courage to face your fears, and courage to take on new challenges. It can teach you to push yourself, to strive for greater things, to make the little moments count. 

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Joslyn. I know I absolutely loved reading her answers when I got them! Make sure to head over to her Instagram to see more content and head over to her blog: for amazing blog posts!

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