Sparkles and Sunshine: My New Nightly Routine

My New Nightly Routine

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Happy Wednesday!

Congrats everyone - you made it to the middle of the week! I always know that once we hit Wednesday, it's all uphill from there! This past weekend I felt super productive because I was finally able to shoot some blog content, do a riding lesson, and more. Some of this I feel like is because of my new nightly routine. I have been trying to tweak what I do at night in order to help me sleep better and to just relax and be happier overall. Below is a breakdown of my new nightly routine that could help you too!

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1. Take Diesel to the dog park/on a walk.

Depending on the weather, Chandler, myself, or both of us will take Diesel to the dog park if any of his friends are there or on a walk. Going to the dog park is one of his favorite things to do and it always makes all of us happy. We usually try to go on walks when no one is at the dog park or if the weather is super nice out! You'll be surprised by how many steps you can get in a 30 minute walk. Plus, your dog gets even more in and it's a great low impact exercise for both of you!

2. Cook dinner at home. 

This might seem like something everyone does, but we've been slacking hard in this department lately. Like most working adults, when you get home, the last thing you want to do is cook. Especially since it feels like it can take FOREVER to make something good. However, we always feel better when we eat a home cooked meal and it's nice to just be home longer rather than going out to eat (which costs money that we shouldn't be spending!). To save time, we swear by helpful cooking tools like our pressure cooker that we got for Christmas last year. With that thing I'm able to make a whole backed chicken in under 45 minutes, versus the hour and a half it would take in the oven! Talk about a win!

3. Take a nice relaxing shower (or even a bath!).

I don't know about you, but I feel like I don't always take the time to enjoy a shower anymore. It started to feel like a chore when I got home. Something that I'm trying to start doing is to really enjoy this part of my day and to use it as a time to decompress. There's nothing better than a nice hot shower after a long day at work to release any tension!

4. Watch just some TV. 

I've noticed lately that if I'm watching TV past a certain time that it makes it hard for me to fall asleep at night. So, my new rule is to try and only watch TV until 9pm. My ideal bed time every night is 10 (even though I'm sure I should be going to bed a little earlier). I do have a lot of shows that I watch that go from 8-10 or that come on at 9. With those shows, I'm trying to watch them the next day at an earlier time so that I still get to enjoy them, and reap the benefits of more sleep!

5. Read & put your phone away!!!

This is the biggest change I've made to my nightly routine and it's my favorite. Once I started working I feel like I stopped reading. Usually when you're in school you're reading all the time. Not necessarily for fun I might add but you're still doing it! Not only is reading relaxing but it teaches you something new, and it helps you fall asleep (just like it did in college ha!). Also, when I say read, I mean hard cover books or magazines. Kindle's or reading on your phone is great and all, but at night your eyes really need to get away from a screen and the bright light in your face. In today's age, we're constantly on a phone or computer for almost every aspect of our lives, and it really puts a strain on our eyes. Take this time to put your phones away and to just read something that you love.

What's your nightly routine? I'd love to hear what you do every night that helps you relax and decompress from the day. Also, if you try anything from my routine, I'd love to hear how it's helping you! :)

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