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Weekly Round Up

Friday, January 4, 2019

Happy National Spaghetti Day!

A.K.A. my favorite day besides my birthday, Christmas, and...yeah that's about it. Ha! I have to top my hat off to Diesel and Chandler for these photos. Chandler was a pro photographer and I still can't believe Diesel didn't eat the breadsticks - I can't say the same about the pasta though. Head over to Diesel's Instagram to see him chowing down like a champ. #proudmom

It's been a few weeks since I've done a weekly round up post. The holidays kept me so busy that I wanted to share that content like gift guides and what not and so now I'm back to sharing my weekly round up posts. If you're new to my blog, every Friday I like to share a weekly round up post that includes some of my favorite posts from other bloggers and articles from entertainment sites that I saw throughout the week. Today's might include some farther pieces of content since it's been a while.


I was actually thinking to myself the other day how I wished I had new podcasts for 2019. Of course Cosmopolitan read my mind and did an entire article on great podcasts that will motivate you to keep your new years resolutions! Check it out below!

Read it here:

Ariana Grande has made her no dating in 2019 official. I remember when I had a bad breakup (right before I met Chandler), I was like no men ever again. Of course that didn't work out. However, I'm proud of her. Focusing on yourself is never a bad thing!

Read it here:


I love teddy coats! They are seriously the coziest pieces of clothing ever. Erin showed the cutest styled look featuring a cozy teddy coat on her Instagram this week. See it below!

See it here:

One of my favorite times of the year is New Year's because of all the sequins and sparkly outfits! Elysse shared this stunning black and silver sequin dress on her Instagram this week that I totally want in my closet.

See it here:

There's nothing prettier than white in winter! Karina shared this gorgeous white lace dress that you could wear to so many winter occasions (with the right coat of course!).

See it here:

Who else is excited for the new season of The Bachelor to air on Monday? I know I am! Cosmopolitan is giving you a first look at the contestants. Take a look!

Read it here:


Have you ever found yourself in the position to move to a new barn? Are you curious about what that transition is like? If you are, fear not! Sabrina recently had to do this with her horse Rumor and she's shared her entire experience.

Read it here:

Many people make fitness resolutions in the new year- which isn't a bad thing. However, mental resolutions are just as important. We all go through hard times and struggles where we don't think we'll get through it, but then something great comes up that fixes everything. Be sure to read Kaitlin's post below about exactly that, and how she was able to get through her struggles.,

Read it here:

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