Sparkles and Sunshine: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer with Caseapp

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer with Caseapp

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Happy Thursday!

I wanted to take the time to say thank you to everyone who has checked out my gift guides! I have gotten some positive feedback on them which makes me very happy. Since my last two will be going up today, I'd love to hear about any gifts you would love to see more of next year. Please let me know, and don't forget to check back later today for two more gift guides! 

Today, I wanted to share one of my new favorite stocking stuffer ideas from Caseapp. Caseapp features customizable phone cases, skins, and laptop skins. They have their own selection of cool prints and patterns, or you can upload your own photo and make it fun and personal! 

A few months ago I did my first collaboration with Caseapp and did a personalized phone case with a photo of Diesel for myself and a skin for Chandler. Click here to read that post! This time, I did the same combination, but with two phone cases. A phone case is one of those gifts that you wouldn't always buy for yourself but would love to receive as a gift!

When I received my Caseapp package in the mail, the cases came in this soft marble pouch, which would be super cute inside of the stocking, or even hanging on the tree as a (somewhat) secret present. 

Chandler picked out the case design he really liked which is of this like tough sailor walrus and then in the second pouch is a secret gift that I don't want to show just yet (I'll give away their present if I do!). I will share what it is on Christmas day. 

Phone cases can also be a fun gag gift as well! Because you can customize it any way you want, you could put a funny photo on it, you could choose a print that the person would find funny, etc. There's so many different ways you can gift a phone case, which makes it that more fun to make!

If you're interested in creating one, head over to Caseapp and use the code SPARKLESSUNSHINE20 for 20% off your purchase!

Phone Cases c/o Caseapp 

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