Sparkles and Sunshine: 15+ Gift Ideas For The Dog Lover

15+ Gift Ideas For The Dog Lover

Friday, December 7, 2018

There's something special about dog people. We just understand each other right? Chandler and I actually met most of our good friends when we got Diesel. I swear you can make so many great friends at a dog park! 

Today's gift gift is for all of my fellow dog lovers. I'll admit, some of these items are on my wishlist too haha! You can't go wrong with any of these ideas.

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1. This first item is one my mom has been telling me to get for years. It's a handheld cordless vacuum from Black & Decker. For anyone who has a ton of dog (or cat) hair all over their house, they'll thank you the second they open this present!

2.  I love funny items that are the back of animals. They just crack me up! Get it...:) Sorry I couldn't resist! For your funny friend, here are some funny dog butt magnets.

3. & 7. I love drinkware! Ask Chandler, I have a whole shelf of mugs...ha! This Dogfather mug and Dog parent wine set are perfect for any proud dog parent.

4.& 5. Alex and Ani make the cutest themed bracelets. I still have my Alpha Chi Omega one that my mom got me years ago! Check out two adorable dog themed bracelets here and here from Alex and Ani.

6. Modcloth seriously has the cutest gifts! You will see a ton from them in all of my gift guides. These cute dog loafers look so comfy to lounge in all day!

8. In my cat lover gift guide I shared a fun set of salt and pepper shakers. I was so happy when I found a cute dog set as well!

9. What better way to play with your dog in some puddles than with fun dog theme rain boots? Your furry friend will be excited to play with you for hours!

10. I LOVE Doug The Pug! That dog is so stinking funny and his owner is super creative. If you know someone who is a fellow Doug The Pug lover, I'm sure they'll be freaking out of excitement once they find this calendar under their tree.

11. Going on a run with your dog? Is it bath day? No matter what the occasion, this fun "I'd Rather Be With My Dog" tank is ready to go wherever you and your furry friend go!

12. If you know someone who's dog doesn't destroy their shoes, then these cute slippers are perfect!

13. Need somewhere to hang up your dog's leash and collar? This cute woof dog hook will look perfect right next to your keys hook!

14. What's better than snuggling with your pup on the couch watching Netflix movies? Um, nothing! Do it in style with these fun Ellen dog PJ's. Yes, she created dog pj's. How awesome is she?!

15. Know someone who rescued their dog? This funny mutt doormat will make them laugh for sure!

16. Don't stop retrieven! If you or your friend's dog LOVES to play fetch, this tee is for them! I mean, what else would you wear to the dog park?

17. Ted Baker has the cutest French Bulldog line out right now. Featured is this Zip Around Wallet. Some other cute options are this dog coin purse, a smaller zip wallet, and this cute cosmetic case!

 Thanks for reading!

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