Sparkles and Sunshine: 10+ Gift Ideas For Him

10+ Gift Ideas For Him

Monday, December 10, 2018

Hey everyone!

This gift guide is for all of the fiancé's, brothers, husbands, guy friends, etc. in your lives! Below are 11 gift guides for him.

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1. Who doesn't love to go to an arcade, sports bar or poolhall to play a few classic games? Now, you can have that in the comfort of your own home with this fun three-in-one game table! With this table you get pool, foosball, and air hockey!

2. Does he love to cook? More specifically, does he love beer? If the answer is obvious, this gift is for him.This bottle opener and cookbook set has over 75 recipes that include craft beer.

3. Chandler has always wanted a pair of BOSE headphones. He has been loving the wireless Bluetooth type featured above from a few cheaper brands, but I know he would like these more. These "Hearphones" were created to allow you to hear conversations without all of the distracting noise around you.

4. Going back to beer for another second...ha! As soon as I saw this I thought of all the frat guys I knew in college and how they would've LOVED this. If your guy loves beer, than this shower beer holder is the perfect gag gift, or it might be his new favorite thing in the world!

5. Does your guy love to camp or fish? If yes, this YETI cooler is for him! YETI is one of those brands that you will have forever. It may cost a lot up front, but it's worth it. To make this gift more fun, put some fun goodies inside that add up to a surprise camping trip. I'm sure you'll make his day!

6. Know a gamer? This fun cell phone case is actually a video game! With this phone case, fun is with you wherever you go!

7. Okay you guys, Chandler SWEARS by these underwear. He says they are the softest underwear in the world. The brand is called Pair of Thieves and he first found them at Target. These boxer briefs also come in many designs and colors. And, they also make socks, trunks, and undershirts!

8. Does your guy like to make cocktails, or enjoy his drink of choice on the rocks? Chandler loves to drink whiskey from time to time, and so as soon as I saw this 5-piece Whiskey Decanter Set, I knew I had to add it to this gift guide. Plus, you can choose to have the set plain or to add an initial to the decanter and four glasses.

9. Backyard BBQ's are a fan favorite here in the south, and Chandler is the grill master (along with my dad of course)! This portable propane grill from Coleman is perfect to take on camping trips, road trips, picnics, tailgates, and more! Even though it's portable, it still has a 285-square-inch cooktop for plenty of room to cook!

10. Is your guy a music lover? Is he a DJ? This vintage style portable turntable has built-in speakers, it has three different speeds, and folds up like a briefcase so you can take it anywhere!

11. This year, Chandler joined the dollar shave club and absolutely loved it! I even tried out his razor because let's be honest, guy razors are SO MUCH BETTER, and it was awesome. To join the club, simply click here to go to their website. You can try out different starter kits for $5 each or purchase full size products on multiple cadences (monthly, three months, etc.). Plus, shipping is always free!

What are you getting your guy for Christmas? I'd love to hear in the comments below!!!

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