Sparkles and Sunshine: Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up

Friday, November 16, 2018

Happy Friday!

I'm so sorry for the lack of blog posts this week everyone! Chandler and I were traveling last weekend and I just couldn't think of anything to write about. Every now and then I get into a creative rut, and I know I'm not the only person that that's happened to. I was also pretty tired from a few late nights this week that weren't planned, plus we haven't been able to really grocery shop in two weeks so my food has been off. I haven't necessarily been eating bad, but I definitely prefer cooking from home. All in all, my week was just off. On the positive side though, I was able to ride which always makes me happy!

This weekend will be filled with blog planning, decorating, catching up, and relaxation which is exactly what's needed!

Below are this week's round up articles. I hope you love them!


Planning your Thanksgiving dishes and desserts? I know Chandler always looks forward to bringing a pie to Thanksgiving. If you're looking for something different, Lindsay from The Toasted Pinenut shared a recipe for a Chocolate Ganache Pie and it looks really good (even though I don't like chocolate). Get the full recipe below!

Read it here:

It's no secret that I love pesto. It's such a flavorful topping that really transforms any dish in my opinion. Adriana from Fit and Well Med Gal shared the ingredients of a delicious and healthy pesto pasta recipe on her Instagram that looks nice and warm for the colder nights ahead.

See it here:

I'm usually against any form of Christmas talk/decorations until after Thanksgiving, but this year I think I finally understand why people do it early. We just don't have enough time to enjoy it! We're so busy that if we did it on time, then we'd have little time to really enjoy it. So, because of that, I am sharing this delicious looking gingerbread cookie recipe from Eating with Em! I hope you love it.

See it here:


Chandler and I have a serious travel bug right now. Until we find exactly the right place, I'll just be over here looking at Ketevan Giorgadze's photos! Her France photos are absolutely incredible.

See it here:

Ok you guys. There is SO MUCH GOOD holiday TV coming! Like seriously I'm really excited. Cosmopolitan listed everything you have to look forward to for the rest of the year and it all looks great. P.S. I'm super excited for the Netflix movie "Dumplin" and the "Second Act" movie, and basically everything in this article! Get ready for cozy blankets and warm nights in!

Read it here:

If you haven't heard the beloved Marvel writer Stan Lee passed away at 95 this week. This man had accomplished so much in his lifetime. I think we can all strive to be as accomplished as him one day!


This week we actually had some cool temperatures in north Florida. I'm talking in the 60's ya'll and it was AMAZING! This weather made me want this cute sweater dress outfit that Janalyn Powers shared this week. Check it out below!

See it here:

So, I hope that one day my Christmas cards, especially if I'm pregnant, are as amazing as Emily Gemma's! She is absolutely glowing in her sequin dress and their entire family looks super precious.

See it here:
See it here:

I love seeing cute layering combinations during fall and winter. Some of it is very creative (a.k.a. my Florida peeps lol) and in other colder states it's super cute and fun. Kelsey Barlow shared a fun plaid + fur outfit combo this week that I would totally wear in a heartbeat! Check it out!

See it here:

Here's another cute sweater dress for the win, but this time it's extra sparkly which is just how I like it! Kelly Hoover shared this plum sweater dress paired with cute snake booties on her Instagram this week and I loved it. Definitely a fun outfit to recreate for fall!

See it here:

That's all for this week's round up post! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :) 

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