Sparkles and Sunshine: Why I Chose M&M Training and Why I Stayed

Why I Chose M&M Training and Why I Stayed

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Happy Wednesday!

Today is the my second post of my horse series. I'm so excited to say that! I hope you all loved my first post that introduced the horse I ride, Brandy (pictured below). If you missed it, click here to read! Today's blog post is all about why I chose to ride at M&M Training and why I stayed.

Why I chose M&M is actually pretty simple. This past Christmas Chandler gave me the best Christmas present I've ever gotten, horseback riding lessons. He found M&M through our neighbor, Bailey after running into her one morning wearing a riding outfit. He asked where she rode and I've been riding there ever since.

Now I'll share why I stayed. Any time I'm looking for anywhere animal related: i.e. vet, training, etc. I look at the people who are currently going there, the people who work there, and how the animals act. You can tell a lot about a place just from that alone. I have gone through a few different vets with Diesel until I found one that I liked because of those factors. I believe that your animal is your child and you should give it the care it deserves.

That's exactly how I felt about M&M Training. I loved the people who rode there, I loved the people who worked there, and I loved the horses (but that was the easy part)! Throughout this series, I will start to introduce you to the people who work at the barn since they are some incredible people, but the first people I connected with were Rebecca who is now the groom and Heather who is my trainer. Rebecca has such a fun personality and is so willing to answer all of my questions about everything horse related. Even if it might seem like a silly question! She was definitely my first horse people friend. :)

Heather is just awesome. She really has been there for me since day one. She hasn't given up on me, she gives me the kick in the butt that I need sometimes, and I know that she truly wants me to succeed which is the most important thing anyone can ask for. I see the biggest and brightest future for my riding career and it's good to know that I have that support system behind me.

If you're looking for a place to ride/board your horse/train your horse, M&M Training in Saint Augustine is the place to go! I am very excited for the future and I can't wait to see what it holds at this stable.

Be sure to follow them on social. They just launched an Instagram account too!

P.S. I swear she's smiling in this photo? Doesn't it look like it? Love my Brandy bran. :)

Also, check out my incredible photographer, Nicole. Nicole specializes in equine photography and is absolutely incredible. She photographs shows and does the most beautiful horse/owner portraiture. Check out her website below to see more!

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