Sparkles and Sunshine: Horse and Rider DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Horse and Rider DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Happy Thursday!

A few months ago I heard about how at the end of the month of October, people dressed up themselves and their horses for Halloween at a horse show. I thought that was the coolest thing ever! Since I was little, I've always dressed up our dogs for Halloween. It's so much fun!

Today I wanted to share two super easy do it yourself costumes for you and your horse. Now, some of the ones that I found on Pinterest are A LOT more involved but I'm ballin' on a budget haha! These require very minimal effort and most of the items can be found at any local costume/party store and craft store like Joann Fabrics!

Costume 1: Fairies!

For this costume I used the following:

**Some of the items above are linked to overall categories since not all of my styles I wore are online**

For this costume I highly recommend getting flower hair clips. I had trouble finding some and so I got flowers and pinned them to Brandy's mane and tail with bobby pins which was actually pretty challenging. Ha! Also, if you have a pretty color saddle pad like pink or purple (or whatever matches your wings) that would also look really pretty too.

I did learn that Brandy was not the biggest fan of my wings. She was like what the heck is attached to your back haha! So, word to the wise with any costume that you do, ease your horse into it. Brandy is really chill and laid back but of course not every horse is. I let her see them and then I honestly just walked and kept them away from her. She ended up being just fine with them after being around them for a few minutes!

Costume 2: Duck Dynasty!

This costume honestly cracked me up. I found the idea from Pinterest and just died laughing when I saw it. The Pinterest version had an actual camo face cover but that was probably decently expensive.  For this costume I purchased the following:

The main feature on Brandy's costume is the beard. I will say it was hard to do haha! I tried to find the longest beard that I could find because I didn't originally want to put it on her bridle, but around her neck so it looked like a longer beard like the photo I found. But, that was harder to find than I thought.

Again, Brandy is really chill, and so it didn't bother her to have it on. However, I only left it on for a few minutes because I didn't want it to be in her mouth and make her upset. To make this costume your own, you could get camo leg wraps, a camo blanket or saddle pad, and of course a long enough beard because it's just too funny!

I would love to know what you and your horse are dressing up as (if you are) in the comments below and feel free to tag me in any photos on Instagram so I can see.! I would love to see how creative you are and how awesome your costumes turn out! :)

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