Sparkles and Sunshine: Being An Independent Woman In A Relationship

Being An Independent Woman In A Relationship

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Happy Tuesday!

Since I was little I've always been an independent person. I've never felt like I needed someone to go to lunch with, or get groceries with, or do pretty much anything. Now, am I happier when I'm with someone for some of those things, absolutely! But, I'm not dependent on someone else to the point where I can't do anything by myself.

Brunette boy pushing brunette girl on a swing in the North Florida woods

When you're the type of person that I am, letting someone else in can be hard sometimes. I tend to try to figure things out on my own and not ask my other half for help. I usually keep certain emotions bottled up for longer than I should before I'm actually okay with sharing them. I don't depend on someone else for anything.

I have learned recently (I have not perfected this by any means) that I have to learn to let go a little. I never thought I was somewhat of a control freak until this past year when something flipped that switch. I've always been one to have a plan, but I didn't think I was like this until this year. Letting go though can be one of the scariest but most helpful things in the world. You're basically saying to yourself, "okay, you are no longer in control of this. You just need to have some faith and put trust in the other person."

Brunette boy pushing brunette girl on a swing in the North Florida woods

It's similar to being on a swing. Can you swing on your own? Absolutely. You can give yourself a kick off the ground and make yourself go. However, you can't truly make yourself go as high as possible without a little helpful push from the back. Not only are you asking for help, but you are also relying on the other person to get you to the height you want to be at and to catch you when you come back down.

Now, is this something that will happen overnight? Heck no! I struggle with this every single day. It's something that will gradually improve over time and will get better. Always know that you can still be independent, but know that you don't have to do everything by yourself. If you are always trying to do everything, you will get burnt out and tired. Plus, if you are always doing everything by yourself and not needing the other person, then what are they there for?

Brunette boy pushing brunette girl on a swing in the North Florida woods

My challenge for you today is to think of one thing that you could let go of. Something that causes some amount of stress in your life that could easily be given to your significant other. This could be paying a bill, a chore around the house (without telling them that they did it wrong), telling them something that's been bothering you so you don't have to try and conquer it alone, etc.

Taking this step might be harder for some, but remember that it's just one less thing that you have to worry about. More importantly, you're showing your significant other that you need them in your life and that they mean something to you.

I would love to know what you're letting go of so that I can support you! Topics like this are never easy to talk about, but knowing that someone else is going through the same thing always helps me and I hope that helps you too.

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