Sparkles and Sunshine: Amazing Grace Pumpkin Patch

Amazing Grace Pumpkin Patch

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Happy Tuesday!

So, I just realized that yesterday's blog post revealed my new haircut! I didn't even realize until I started writing this post. In case you didn't see my Instagram story, I actually cut off and donated 12 inches of hair. Originally, I was just going in for a trim (still wanted at least five inches off), but then I started thinking and was like what the heck! I've always wanted to donate my hair and it was time for something fresh and fun. I am starting to really like it too. I have thick hair, so anything that makes it easier to manage is fine by me!

Today's blog post is all about one of my favorite traditions: going to a pumpkin patch!

Who else grew up going to a pumpkin patch? I know it was one of my favorite things! If you're new to an area or aren't really sure where to find one, usually churches put on fun pumpkin patches, where any money given is a donation. Some even do an entire fall festival where the pumpkin patch is only one of the attractions!

This year, Chandler and I went to Amazing Grace Crop Maze for the first time to see their pumpkin patch and fall festival. I will say, their fall festival is mainly geared towards little kids, but if you're a mom or dad looking for a fun place to take your kids, I would highly recommend it!

Their pumpkin patch though is great for all ages. They had a great selection of large pumpkins and even smaller ones (that you can see in yesterday's blog post about 3 Last Minute Funny Halloween Tees), and other produce such as squash and corn!

What I love most about this festive tradition is that pumpkins aren't just for the month of October! Say you're busy like me and wasn't able to go to the pumpkin patch at the beginning or middle of October. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, pumpkins (not carved) can be the perfect decoration for any home for this important fall holiday. You could use it as a pretty table centerpiece, a fun accent outside your front door, or you could even use little ones around your mantle or TV stand to add a little something extra!

A lot of pumpkin patches are still open this week so don't hesitate to go get yourself a pumpkin! If you do get there too late, most stores like Walmart or Publix still have a decent amount of pumpkins available.

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