Sparkles and Sunshine: My Summer Party Playlist

My Summer Party Playlist

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Happy Wednesday!

Summer isn't over yet, which means there's still plenty of time for parties, beach days, and more! I'm a big music lover and a firm believer in having a soundtrack for every aspect of life. I mean think about it, there are so many different playlists out there. One for a rainy day, for throwback Thursday, workouts, and more!

Today I wanted to share my new summer party playlist, filled with all of my favorite songs that will get you pumped and excited to celebrate this time of the year! Now, since many summer parties happen at the beach or pool, you need the perfect sound system right? That's why I found the perfect summer essential from Sunnylife! They have portable mini boomboxes that have a built in radio, wireless Bluetooth that works with any smartphone or tablet and it's water and sand resistant! How cool is that?! Plus, these speakers come in many different colors and two styles. Click here to see all of the different options.

Make sure to scroll down to see my summer party playlist and don't forget to follow me on Spotify.

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