Sparkles and Sunshine: How To: Wear A Swim Top Two Ways

How To: Wear A Swim Top Two Ways

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Happy Tuesday!

So this blog post is kind of a funny story. When I first ordered this white ruffle bikini top from Revolve I instantly loved how it had cute wrap around strappy details. However, when I got it in the mail, I completely forgot about that and put it on a different way. When I went to look up the bikini top itself to get the URL for it, I realized then that I had put it on wrong. Haha! The good thing though is that it doesn't look bad (IMO). So below, are two ways that you can style this fun white bikini top for summer!

Option 1: Correctly***

The straps wrap around from the front to the back and are secured there. See front and back photos below.  

 Option 2: Incorrectly lol

The second way to style this top is to tie it in the front rather than the back. I will say that this top ran a little big so if you have a small chest like myself, don't get a medium, get a small. Also because of this, if you choose this option, make sure to pull it really tight before you make the bow. The straps are longer because of the first option above, so when you make the bow it will be bigger than you might be used to. However, if you like big bows then you're good haha! This option creates a straight clean look in the back.

Some people might like one option over the other because everyone has their own unique look that is absolutely wonderful. So, no matter which option you prefer, go out there and rock it!

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Photography: Alondra Vega Photography

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  1. I always love the idea of being able to make things versatile like this. Heck...there's no right or wrong...just creative!!

  2. Both ways look perfect on you! Great post dear
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  3. Lovely swim top! So cute! Hava a great day dear! xx

    La ilusión de Nina -

  4. Love it!
    Summery and chic!


  5. its so cute


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