Sparkles and Sunshine: 12 Facts About Me

12 Facts About Me

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Happy Thursday!

I haven't done an about me post in a long time and so I thought I would share some fun facts with all of you so that you can get to know me a bit better!

  1.  I LOVE pasta! It's my all time favorite food. Maggiano's, Olive Garden, all of the above are places that I can't live without!
  2. I have a dog named Diesel and two cats named Oscar and Felix. I have had Diesel since he was 2 months old and he's now a year and a half. Oscar and Felix I have also had since they were kittens and they are now 14 years old! I can't even believe that. I get sad sometimes thinking about how old they are but they're still pretty frisky! 😉
  3. I have always wanted to get my pilot's license. I used to have a fear of getting on a plane. So I thought maybe if I am the one in charge of the plane (a.k.a. control issues haha) I would have nothing to worry about as long as I know what I'm doing. Now I'm not afraid of flying but would still love to get my pilot's license one day if I can afford it.
  4. I do not like chocolate. I know, let the rants begin haha!
  5. Ford is my favorite brand of car and more specifically their Mustang model. I had a 2000 Ford Mustang until last July when I decided to get a new car. I originally planned on getting the newer model, but some brindle puppy (I'm not going to name any names...Diesel) decided to keep growing and not fit in a mustang anymore. I settled on a Nissan SUV which I do love but one day I will have another mustang.
  6. My dream is to have two stables on my property. One with actual horses (maybe 1-2 max) and the other (my garage) filled with every make and model of Mustang that I love (67, 99, 2005, etc.). I want to call it Mustang Stables. 
  7. When I was little, I got our five dogs to jump through a hula hoop all at the same time. Don't ask any questions, just accept it. 😂
  8. I have been singing since I was little. I have done Phantom of the Opera, some Latin music and more.
  9. I LOVE otters! Like SO much. When we go to the zoo, unless someone gets me, I could stare at the otter exhibit for over an hour. There's a place in San Diego where you can swim with them and one day I hope I get to. 
  10. I ride horses! I started riding this January after Chandler gave me 4 lessons for Christmas. I've loved horses since I was little (first favorite animal, then otters) and have always wanted to learn how to ride. It's pretty expensive so I can usually only afford 2 lessons a month, but besides blogging, it makes me incredibly happy. 
  11. I love SALSA. I'm a pretty picky eater most of the time (I have gotten better though) but I could eat my weight in salsa. I will try pretty much any salsa as long as it's not too spicy. 
  12. I think Dinosaurs are so cool. When I was five I think, I had this giant book of dinosaurs and I could name every single one. I also loved Godzilla! My dad and I would watch all of the movies.
Now it's your turn! I would love to hear as many fun facts about yourself as you would like to share in the comments below. I'll be looking! 😊

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