Sparkles and Sunshine: What My Dog Has Taught Me

What My Dog Has Taught Me

Monday, July 23, 2018

Happy Monday!

Growing up I've always had more than one dog. I remember having those hard times in college, thinking to myself, if only my dog was here to comfort me. Dogs just know things don't they? They're so incredibly gifted it's crazy. I read a quote once saying how we don't deserve dogs which is so true. However, if you love them enough, I think that quote can somewhat go away.

I will say it is such a different experience having your own "first" dog compared to the dogs that lived with you growing up. You think you know everything there is to know about having a pet until you get your own with it's own unique personality, needs, and more. I have learned so much from Diesel this past year and a half (they grow up so fast 😭) and I wanted to share that with all of you today. Hopefully all of my fellow dog parents can relate!

  1.  You love them more than people. 
Not too long ago I asked my mom "Is it bad that sometimes I feel like I love Diesel more than Chandler" and she just laughed and said "not at all! Dog love is a different kind of love that you can't compare with what you have with Chandler. Dogs don't make you mad/frustrated as often as a partner, and all dogs do is show you love. Of course you love them more!" 

      2. You learn how to be a parent.

When you get a dog, you really learn what it's like to be a parent (to an extent of course). Depending on what age you get them at can also determine how much parental training you're getting haha. I mean think about it, if you get a puppy first like we did, you're potty training them, teaching them right from wrong (the constant don't lick this or don't touch that!), taking them to school (training), feeding them, exercising them, putting them to bed, etc.! That's the definition of being a parent!

    3. You're not a bad dog owner just because you need to go somewhere without them.

This is one of the hardest lessons I had to learn from having Diesel. When he was younger, we had some friends drive up to meet in St. Augustine which is only like 40 minutes away from where we live. Chandler basically had to convince me to get out the door and leave Diesel for just a few hours and even then, when we were STILL in the parking lot, I started crying because I wasn't with him. Now, I might sound crazy, but it was the first time that I had left him alone at night for a while and I was worried he would be afraid. He gave me the choice to stay home but I knew I had to go if I was ever going to be able to leave Diesel alone at night. I remember calling my mom and she laughed/made fun of me/completely understood where I was coming from. She's the one who told me "I promise he'll be okay. Of course he'll miss you, but he's a big boy and can handle it. You need to be able to do this too because it's going to be 10x harder with real children." She reminded me that it's okay to leave them for a little bit even though it's hard. 

   4. They're not just a dog, they're your best friend/child/soul mate.

This one kind of ties into the first point. When you get a dog (or any animal to be honest because my cats also fall into this), they don't just stay a dog. If you have a family they become part of the family, if it's just you they become your best friend and child. Dogs have been next to man's side for the longest time and there's a reason for it. When you have a dog, the bond you form is so strong. They will protect you, help you, love you, and comfort you when needed. All of what was just listed, sounds exactly how you would describe a family member, a best friend, your child, and your soul mate. If you show them love, they'll love you fur-ever. 😊

    5.  The habits they form when they're little never go away.

This one kind of goes into the parenting point. When Diesel was a puppy we let him sleep in the bed with us. To this day, he assumes that he sleeps there with us even though he's over 100 pounds haha! I even got him an orthopedic dog bed (a.k.a. a bed that's nicer than mine) and he still chooses to sleep with us. Same with training, if you let your dog think things are okay when you first get them, they'll continue to keep up those good or bad habits.

Having a dog is one of the best things in the entire world, and the experience really teaches you a lot about yourself. It teaches you discipline, responsibility, humility, understanding, and more.

To all my fellow dog parents, I hope you too were able to relate to this post and that it brought a smile to your face.

Thanks for reading!

Photography: Alondra Vega Photography

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  1. Dogs can certainly teach us a lot! Great post!

    1. Absolutely girl!! Thanks for stopping by to read!! :)

  2. The friendship of a dog or cat is pure! ❤

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