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Weekly Round Up

Friday, July 20, 2018

Happy Friday!

I had the BEST night last night you guys. My coworker's fiance had free tickets to the Rascal Flatts concert so Chandler and I got to enjoy a fun night with one of my all time favorite country bands. If you saw my Instagram story then you know how excited I was! It's funny because I grew up listening to them with my mom who also loves them and once I told her I had the tickets she said "I'm on my way lol." If she wasn't two hours away, she totally would've been there with me!

What also worked out is that I had already requested today off from work. So, I got to stay up late listening to country music and then sleep in. It doesn't get any better than that! I am also excited to share that today I am doing my first try on session with a local boutique called Fig and Willow. Fig and Willow is located in Neptune Beach, FL and carries clothing and accessories! I have always loved supporting local businesses since my mom has her own as well. We all have to support our local #girlbosses am I right?! Make sure to head over to my Instagram story to see the full try on!

Now on to today's round up articles! I have found such an amazing content to share with you all this week and I hope you enjoy it.


Okay, so I really need to stop searching for food articles while I'm HUNGRY! It's like going to the grocery store while on an empty stomach which I have done and it didn't end well. I bought bacon, pancakes and then burnt the bacon and pancakes. #godhelpme haha! The recipe below from Half Baked Harvest is almost another version of a grilled cheese sandwich and it looks so good. I'll definitely be trying this out!

Read it here:

The name of this next recipe is honestly why I'm sharing it with all of you. It is called the Chocolate Snack Cake. Doesn't that have a nice ring to it? A dessert that's called a snack? Yes, please! I don't like chocolate but I think I'm officially going to name every dessert I make from this point on a snack just because. Check out the recipe below!

Read it here:

I have been wanting to make egg cups for quite some time. They seem like the perfect make-ahead breakfast for people on the go. This recipe includes sun dried tomatoes, spinach, feta cheese, and more! Check out the recipe below from Fit Foodie Finds to see how to make them.

Read it here:

Another recipe I chose because of the name was this recipe from Crazy For Crust. It's called the Blueberry Lemon Icebox Cake. I mean, has anyone else ever heard of an icebox cake? Dorothy from Crazy for Crust actually explains what it is and how to make one in this blog post. I definitely loved reading it!

Read it here:

I found out this past week that The New York Times actually has a page on their site dedicated to only good news! I never watch the news because I hate hearing about only negative things. I don't understand why you would want to fill yourself with worry and fear 24/7 but that's just me. If you want some good news in your day, check out the link below!

Read more here:

I LOVE Lipsync Battle. I think it's so funny and I really really (REALLY) want to do it haha! If you're a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan then this recent episode featuring Ben Higgins and Rachel Lindsay is one you'll love!

Watch it here:

I love Ariana Grande's new song "God Is A Woman" but I don't exactly like/understand the music video. I'm just being honest though. However, there is a scene that's shown a few times featuring her in this colorful rippled water so to speak and Lush, creator of the most perfect bath bombs is apparently making a bath bomb to match the music video. How cool is that?!

See it here:

I love watching America's Got Talent. It's one of my favorite shows! They are officially in the judge cut rounds and on the most recent episode, someone almost got pretty hurt. The link below shares the scene but something more important to note is the judges commentary. They stated that no act will ever be perfect. I loved how understanding they were, I loved how the girl got right back up and was ready to try again (God bless her for that), and I loved how everyone's opinions didn't change just because of one incident. We should all have that mindset!

Watch it here:


Rachel Timmerman from Something Delightful shared the cutest N Sale find! It's a chambray cold shoulder dress that would be perfect for summer or fall! I have always had a thing for chambray and so I instantly loved this dress!

See it here:

Another cute chambray dress was styled on Melissa from Always Meliss! It's light, breezy and would look cute at the beach!

See it here:

I believe I've shared this dress before from another blogger but I couldn't help but share it again since I love it. Alexa Anglin from Lately with Lex shared this style from Sundress on her Instagram this week that I had to share!

See it here:

I'm originally from the Orlando area and so I grew up going to Disney. I can't believe I have not heard of Chelsea Watson before! She shares the cutest Disney fashion inspo on her Instagram that you all have to check out if you're a Disney fan like myself.

See it here:

Erin Miller from Over The Moon Far Away shared the cutest purple jumpsuit on her Instagram this week that I just loved. The photo is super colorful with a matching purple background and it instantly caught my interest!

See it here:

That's all for this week's round up post. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you all enjoy my try on session on my Instagram story today!

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