Sparkles and Sunshine: Diesel's Favorite Dog Bones

Diesel's Favorite Dog Bones

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Happy Wednesday!

Whether we're traveling or enjoying a nice evening at home, I always have a variety of bones ready for Diesel. It's the best way to keep him occupied and happy at the same time. All three of these bones you can get at Petsupermarket or PetSmart. I usually see these bones cheaper at Petsupermarket but every store has deals and coupons so I would always look for the best deal. 

The first bone that I want to share is this Natural Chew Beef Dino Bone. Now, I'm not 100% sure if the bone I linked is the exact one, only because there are SO many meat covered bones that look like this. They usually come in beef or pork and almost look smoked. The prices for these vary by size but I don't think I've ever really paid more than $15 which is what I linked above. The average price for a big bone for Diesel is more around $8.99. Diesel loves these bones because the flavor that covers them is really addicting and he could chew on it for hours.

I will say though, watch them when they eat these bones because some of them have the knuckles at the end and Diesel usually breaks that part off first. The piece is a decent enough size for them to choke on, so I would really watch them in the beginning until that is gone and once it is you should be good. Also, if chewed on for too long (every dog is different), they can give your dog an upset stomach. I know if we let Diesel have this for hours, sometimes his tummy doesn't agree. However for just a good chew, maybe an hour or so max, he's always fine!

The next bone that I want to share is the classic antler. The good thing about antlers is that everything is natural and because of this, the scent and taste attracts dogs easily. There are two different types of antlers: elk and deer. Depending on your dog, you may see that your dog might go through one type faster than the other. I know we definitely saw that with Diesel. We tend to buy deer antlers rather than elk since Diesel is such a heavy chewer. I would try out both first just to see what your dog favors but if you know that your dog is a heavy chewer, I would do the deer antler and choose a thicker width. That also helps the bone last longer.

The last bone is called a filled bone. They come in tons of different flavors: peanut butter, bacon and cheese, and more! I usually get Diesel the bacon and cheese one, only because he has his own jar of peanut butter in the cabinet (yes, I just said that haha) that we put in other bones or for medicines. These also come in a variety of sizes which is great for any breed! These bones can have a similar effect as the beef/pork bones in terms of the bathroom schedule haha. 

With this or any bone, always keep an eye on how your dog's body reacts. Every dog is different and some have more sensitive stomach's than others. These three bones are Diesel's favorites and have lasted the longest. If you have any questions please let me know. I hope your dog loves one or all three of these bones!

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