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Cat Litter Review

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Happy Tuesday!

A while back I did a poll on my Instagram asking if you wanted to see more from my cats Oscar and Felix and you guys said yes. Today is my first official blog post featuring the infamous Felix! My cats are 14 years old and they don't look like it at all. But, since I've had them for 14 years, that also means I've been cleaning their litter box for 14 years. Not going to lie, I despise cleaning the cat litter. It's never fun and usually smells. All my fellow cat moms out there understand!

The reason why the cat litter usually smells is because even though it might advertise that it has an odor shield, it really doesn't. Or if it does it's for like an hour after the cat poops. Cool that's helpful. It wasn't until Chandler saw this cat litter called Ultra from Dr. Elsey's that my mindset of cleaning the litter improved. This cat litter is such a steal! Normally you pay $16-$20 for only 20-30 pounds max and the litter is usually really dusty, which isn't good for you, and doesn't do a good job controlling the smell or clumping what's in the litter box. For $17, you get 40 pounds of non-dusty, odor controlling awesomeness! Say you have a rough week and you couldn't clean the litter for like 2-3 days (we all know it happens). That's happened to us and we still didn't smell anything and our litter is in a pretty open spot because of how our apartment is.

I will say, I recommended this litter to my parents and they keep their litter outside and had a different experience. My parents also live in Florida and we think that the humidity and summer heat was a bad combination for that litter. For anyone who keeps their litter box inside like I do though, this is the litter for you! I normally purchase it at Petsupermarket since it's right up the road from my apartment but they also have it at Petsmart (linked above). The cats loved it instantly and I would say this is great for multi-cat households.

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