Sparkles and Sunshine: 10 Things I Want To Do While I'm 25

10 Things I Want To Do While I'm 25

Monday, July 9, 2018

Happy Monday!

I had such a great weekend! Saturday night I watched horse videos for an hour. I watched people cantering, jumping, Grand Prix videos, etc. and I was so excited. Last weekend Chandler's mom gave me some advice that really helped me. I've been having trouble cantering for the past few weeks because I've been afraid that I would fall off again. When you fall off a horse for the first time it's pretty scary (depending how you fall). The day I fell I was on a bigger horse and the experience overall wasn't fun. Ever since then I've been really scared. Chandler's mom told me that I need to visualize myself doing it since all I was visualizing was myself falling. Once I watched those videos and saw how these professional riders were doing it with ease, it made me realize that I could do it and that I had nothing to worry about.

Yesterday I finally cantered both directions (Brandy is a little off balance when you go left so this is an accomplishment in itself), did the jumping position over two flat jump poles on the ground while in canter, and I kept my cool (which is also an accomplishment). I was finally able to relax and I had the best time ever! It really is so important to visualize yourself the right way in any situation in life because if you do, you won't fall off the horse (so to speak haha)!

Now, for some more exciting news...TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! I am officially 25 years old and I'm not 100% sure how I feel about it (the age that is haha!). I always get excited about my birthday because it's a big deal. I made it another year and that's something to be thankful for. I've been thinking a lot lately about things that I want to do this year and I've compiled them into a list below. I would love to look back in a year and be like yes, I did all of those, or at least a good amount. I'm sure that I'll think of more things to add in a month from now, but I'll at least start with this list.

  1. Do more fun things with Chandler. - we used to do things every weekend when we were first dating and then adulting happened. Trying to get back to that even if it's just small fun things.
  2. Reach 3,000 followers on Instagram for my blog.
  3. Work hard enough to pay for a minimum of one horseback riding lesson per week (two would be preferred).
  4. Work with at least 3 major brands for my blog.
  5. Take trips to Miami, New York, and at least one more major city/destination.
  6. Make more time to enjoy myself.
  7. Make more time to relax.
  8. Make more time to do my hair more (I don't always have time in the mornings like I'd like to and my hair is my favorite feature on myself).
  9. Visit more family on both mine and Chandler's side. 
  10.  Make more time to hang out with friends. 

Jumpsuit: Venus
Bag: Revolve 

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