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Weekly Round Up

Friday, May 25, 2018

Happy Friday!

Today I am enjoying a nice day off at the comfort of my own apartment! I'm working on my blog, straightening up the apartment, and relaxing. Isn't it the best to just be home? The weather today is also supposed to be pretty nice which I'm super happy about! I was getting pretty bummed that rain was in the forecast for the entire Memorial Day weekend, but if we keep having more days like today, I think we'll be good! What are your plans for the long weekend? Going on a quick vacay? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

Today I am so excited to share a ton of great articles and blog posts that I found this week. I hope you all love them!


So, I've heard of blueberry waffles, and maple syrup, but never blueberry maple sauce! This recipe for both from Heather Christo is vegan, gluten free, and looks mouth watering!!! I've been wanting waffles a lot lately and so I have a feeling this recipe might be coming soon.

P.S. I am not gluten free or vegan, but I do like to try new things and share recipes for those that are! If you aren't either, you could always use regular waffles (I also have my own whole wheat waffles from Vans that I need to try) and add the blueberry maple sauce on top!

Read it here:

I always like to share fun cocktail recipes, especially since it's starting to get super hot outside! This recipe from Serious Eats caught my eye. It is a Sassy Flower Hibiscus Rosemary Mezcal Cocktail! Sound interesting? Check out the recipe below!

Read it here:

My Uncle in Germany makes homemade jams which I think is the coolest thing ever. We would eat them at breakfast when I visited and they were always SO GOOD! Marisa from Food In Jars shared a recipe for how to make your own Mixed Berry Jam from ball canning. It's super straight forward and perfect for any level of cooking. I definitely want to try this sometime!

Read it here:

I love Mediterranean food! I think it's so delicious! I discovered Brittany's blog Eating Bird Food this week and really loved her recipes. The recipe below is for a Mediterranean diet pesto pasta salad and it looks really good. It has veggies, pasta, and healthy fats which make it a great side dish for summer events!

Read it here:


I have no idea how I have never heard of this Instagram account before, but I think I am about to change lives here. Has anyone else never heard of Dogs in food? It is literally the best thing ever! Just picture any food you want, with a dog that has been photoshopped in. I could not stop laughing!

See more here:
This is one of my faves:

June 1st is National Donut Day. *Cue hallelujah chorus* πŸ˜‚πŸ© Want free donuts? Read the article below!

Read it here:


One of my favorite bloggers, Maxie Elle is currently vacationing in Cabo and shared the most gorgeous swim + cover-up look on her Insta this week. I'm seriously living vicariously through her right now!

See it here:

I love Misty Dawn's Instagram! She has such a fun personality and it shows in her photos so well. This week she shared the cutest pineapple outfit on her Insta that I had to share with all of you! Definitely go follow her!

See it here:

I also love Bridget's Instagram! She's litrally living my dream life haha! She shared the cutest suit this week on her Instra that I really want to go get. Check it out!

See it here:

If you're in need of some serious motivation/Jesus/cute outfit inspo - then this post from Kristi Ridley is for you! It is so empowering!

See it here:

I'm still loving gingham on pretty much everything: dresses, tops, and of course swimwear! Blake Swanner shared the cutest gingham two-piece bikini on her Insta this week. Plus the whole set is under $50 and comes in other colors!

See it here:

That's all for this week's round up post! I hope you all have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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