Sparkles and Sunshine: Venus Choker Neck Stripe Dress

Venus Choker Neck Stripe Dress

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Happy Thursday!

I know that I've been really MIA lately and I apologize for that! This week has been so gloomy with rainy days it's kind of thrown me off a little bit. But, I'm back and ready to share a super cute look from Venus today with all of you.

So, I am in love with a lot of the new styles Venus has been sharing lately. Their spring/summer collections have been on point ya'll! The second I saw this striped choker dress, I instantly thought "how cute would this look on a boat?" Next I thought, "now I need to make a friend with a boat" haha! 

I'm all about nautical stripes, patterns, and styles for the spring or summer because the weather is just perfect for fun excursions on the water! Whether you're taking the boat out for the day, or enjoying a nice brunch on the water, this dress is the one for you! I added a few more shades of blue to this look with these cute shoes I found at DSW. The little bows add a fun touch, and the slight heel makes these casual shoes a little more dressy. P.S. these shoes also come in a tan/neutral color, so if you like the style but aren't looking to add too much color, you're covered!

Dress: Venus
Shoes: DSW

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