Sparkles and Sunshine: May BarkBox Review

May BarkBox Review

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Happy Thursday!

Who else is excited for the long weekend starting tomorrow? Who's more excited to start their long weekend today because they took off work tomorrow? 🙋‍♀️ #thisgirl Haha! I was talking with my coworkers the other day trying to figure out when the last holiday we had off was and we were all like oh my gosh I think it was New Year's. That's too many months ya'll! So, this weekend is long overdue. Now, if only we could get mother nature on our side so that it won't rain all weekend long! Cross your fingers!

I received Diesel's May Barkbox this week and once again I loved it! The theme of this month's box was Age of the Furoah and it came with everything:
  • Squawk Like An Egyptian -chicken & berry treats
  • The Treat Pyramid - lamb, chicken, and pork treats
  • Butcher's Block Bone Chew
  • Nile The Crocodile Toy
  • Furoah toy

I gave Diesel some of the treats already and he liked them! I will say they're kind of soft and chewy and larger than I expected. I would break it in half for them to try, just so that they're not chomping down on a big treat that they end up spitting out on the floor. My fellow dog moms know the struggle. 😂

Next on the list was the Butcher's Block Bone chew. Of course Diesel ate it instantly. He always does! Besides the toys, I think that's his favorite part of the box. Apparently, when he was eating the chew next to me on the couch, a small sliver ended up under my butt and that dog would not stop licking my pants. I was like dude personal space?! But, once I got up I saw the little piece and gave it to him. His eyes lit up brighter than Christmas lights. 😂

Next was the two toys! What's cool about the blue toy, is that there's actually a surprise inside! Diesel hasn't gotten to it yet, but technically this time around, he's allowed to completely destroy his toy!  Of course he hasn't changed his plans at all, we're just agreeing with him. 😂 The gator toy has a classic squeaker, crinkle, and a squeaker mat inside of the crinkle area! Of course he loves it!

Last but not least was the Furoah collar. I swear those copywriter's are some TALENTED people #amiright?! The box came with stickers that represented different aspects of your dog that you could put on to the collar.  I chose smooches, toots, destroying toys, bed hogging, and howling. All of which fit his personality so well. 😂 They also had snack stealing (a close second), naps, butt scoots, squirrel chasing and begging. 

Unfortunately the collar was too small for Diesel (or any dog that is over 50 pounds haha). So, to show off the cute accessory, we enlisted Diesel's friend Holly the hound to model it for us and boy did she ever! I mean seriously, look at that face?

Fun fact: Holly is actually a rescue too! When the owners first got her they could tell she had had a few litters, was not a fan of the leash, and didn't really like other dogs. Now, she's perfectly fine with walks on the leash, plays with other dogs (more than she used to) and loves people (her parents call her the walmart greeter at the park haha).

I can't wait to see next month's theme from Barkbox. If you're interested in subscribing, click here to start choosing your plan! I am currently subscribed to the 12 month plan and it's around $21 each month!

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