Sparkles and Sunshine: Lilly Pulitzer Coral Silk Dress

Lilly Pulitzer Coral Silk Dress

Monday, May 7, 2018

Happy Monday!

How was everyone's weekend?! I hope everyone had a great and safe Cinco De Mayo! I know I was looking forward to it all week. Any excuse to eat delicious Mexican food and sip on some margs is my kind of day! 

On Sunday I went out to the stable early in the morning and Brandy was being a major butthead but I can understand why. Brandy is currently in heat which all of us girls know what that's like. Normally Brandy is pretty chill and it takes a little bit for her to get warmed up and moving fast. Not yesterday! It took everything just to slow her down which was definitely a first for me. My trainer Heather actually got Becca who works at the barn to hop on her and canter her around the ring for a little bit to get rid of  some of her energy. It definitely calmed her down but when I got back on she still had a decent amount of spunk. 

This week I am excited to be at a work conference in Atlanta, GA! I will be attending multiple sessions that I know will improve my social media marketing skills and I can't wait! I will try to update ya'll as I can but I know it's going to be busy. 

Today I am super excited to share this beautiful silk off the shoulder dress from Lilly Pulitzer that I got at the after party sale. I know it took me forever to post it. Sorry about that! While I couldn't find this exact dress, I did link some other gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer styles that are also made from silk. What I love most about this dress is that it is such an elegant option for a dinner date night in the summer! The silk fabric is also very light and airy which is so nice for those cool summer nights. 

Other Lilly Pulitzer options: here, here, and here

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