Sparkles and Sunshine: Band of Gypsies Stripe Jumpsuit

Band of Gypsies Stripe Jumpsuit

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Happy Tuesday!

Who else HATES moving? *raises hand forever* 😂 Over the weekend Chandler and I started looking at other apartments and houses for rent to see if we could start finding a cheaper option for when our lease is up this fall. It's crazy how expensive things are, let me tell ya! We found an amazing option (mainly for Diesel). It had two dog parks and a dog pool. YES A DOG POOL! Not like he'd go in it or anything but it's still cool haha! The only problem was the amount it would cost in pet deposits was basically another month's rent. So, I'm pretty sure we're going to stay where we are for another year and then look for a new, bigger place. 

Now, let's talk about this jumpsuit from Band of Gypsies. This jumpsuit is probably one of the comfiest jumpsuits I've ever worn! The material is so soft and the stripe pattern adds the illusion that your legs are 10x longer. Can I get a yes?! 🙌 Also, the color is so pretty it makes you think of the beach even if you're not there. 

This jumpsuit does run a little long, so I would recommend wearing wedges/heels or get it hemmed at the bottom if you usually wear sandals!

I hope you loved this outfit and I would love to see how you styled it if you purchase it as well!

Heels: Red Dress Boutique - actual color is sold out and this alternative color is almost sold out too!

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