Sparkles and Sunshine: April BarkBox

April BarkBox

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Happy Thursday!

How is everyone doing?! Diesel received his April BarkBox the other week and oh my goodness was it cute! The theme of this month was pirate/buried treasure and it was filled with so many fun items! Scroll down to see more.

This month, the two toys were an Ahowl Matey Bottle and Redbird the Parrot. How cute is that? Both of them have squeakers and one has a rope toy that moves back and forth. Perfect for tug of war!

Next, were the two bags of treats and chew. He received the Fish 'n' Chips Medley and Lamb Ho! I will confidently say that the fish treats have a strong fish smell to them. Chandler made a comment immediately after opening the bag haha! Of course they were Diesel's favorite. 😂 For some reason though, he didn't care too much for the lamb treats. He eats just about anything but he like those. He did love his chew though! He eat it in I think one minute. The flavor was liver and it was very light and airy!

Last but not least, my favorite part of the entire box was a secret surprise inside of the bottle toy. On the "paper" was a secret message that basically said if you text bottle to this "number", you would get a message back. So of course I had to do it! It was absolutely hilarious. Check out the screenshots from the conversation below!

I will say that this is my favorite BarkBox to date because of this added special feature! BarkBox really took it up a notch. If you haven't tried BarkBox yet I highly recommend it!

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