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Weekly Round Up

Friday, March 23, 2018

Happy Friday!!!

Who has some fun plans this weekend?! I am really looking forward to Saturday because my good friend Fuvie is having her baby shower for her soon to be little girl Maya! I always have WAY too much fun shopping for baby showers. Baby stuff is just soooo cute #amiright? :) Chandler has to watch me so I don't go too crazy.

On Sunday I have my riding lesson and I'm super excited about that too. I'm thinking about doing some posts about what I'm learning from my lessons. What do you guys think?! Let me know! This week's round up post has a TON of great posts. I've also included a new section called Entertainment/funnies. I've shared entertainment stuff before but not like this. I love comedy and it's about time I shared some funny stuff on here to get everyone in a good mood for the weekend. I hope you all enjoy!


So I recently discovered (via Chandler) a chef named Andrew Rae. He is famous for his Youtube channel, website and more called Binging with Babish. He shares the most mouth watering recipes that don't look too incredibly hard to "attempt" haha! He even shows how to make pasta from scratch which is something I really want to try soon!

See more here:

I would like all of us to be honest with ourselves for this next post. We have ALL STRUGGLED with making boiled eggs. Simply Recipes shared 3 foolproof ways to make hard boiled eggs. I hope this helps! Haha!

Read it here:


With Easter a little over a week away, I wanted to start sharing some fun posts related to it! This first one is from Oh Happy Day. They shared the cutest Easter bunny place cards DIY the other day that would add a fun final touch to the table. Check it out below!

Read it here:

Since I was little, my mom and I have always decorated Easter eggs. We always get one of the dye kits from Walmart or Target and dip dye away! This year my mom and dad and the dogs are coming to visit us for Easter and while Chandler and I were at Aldi the other day we picked up two egg dying kits. We couldn't resist! This next article from Apartment Therapy puts an awesome modern spin on egg dying. Check out the article below to get some major egg-spiration! P.S. my favorites are the emoji's and cacti! You'll see what I mean!

Read it here:

My mom has always made me an Easter basket. I'm hoping that when she reads this post she sees that I still love them and will bring me one next weekend haha! In every Easter basket is the fun, colorful Easter grass. It comes in tons of colors and sometimes sparkles! Mary Makes Good shared a cool DIY for earth friendly Easter grass. I thought this post was so unique that I had to share it. I truly had never thought of something so obvious, making my own Easter grass that is!

Read it here:

Now, I don't like chocolate...but THIS LOOKS SO GOOD. I immediately pictured this in a funfetti version with all the colors. Jane from Jane's Patisserie shared this delicious and almost too gorgeous to eat Easter pinata cake. I'd never heard of such a thing but it is incredible in my opinion. My mom and I have always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes so maybe I'm a little biased. :) Get the recipe below!

Read it here:

Another super unique Easter egg decorating post came from Studio DIY. I already have an obsession with Studio DIY and when I saw this post for palm spring Easter eggs...well it was over guys! Haha! These are by far my FAVORITE decorated Easter eggs of all time. I have to do this one year!

Read it here:

Entertainment/The Funnies

I have been a huge fan of Joe Santagato for quite some time now, and a few days ago he shared a new Mad Lib video. Now, if you have never seen any of his videos, especially his Mad Lib ones before, go binge watch like RIGHT NOW! FYI they are somewhat inappropriate so I would recommend headphones if you're in a space that has children or people who don't like swear words. It is hilarious though and you will be crying from laughter!

Watch it here:

Chandler just showed me this hilarious video last night so I had to add it. Do you ever just love making fun of dumb people? If yes, this video is for you! Get ready for a good laugh!

Watch it here:


I love lace and a cute hair accessory. I mean, I have like a thousand headbands haha! Kristi Ridley shared such a beautiful back shot of a lace dress + pink polka dot hair tie/bandana. Check it out!

See it here:

I love Lauren Smith's style. Pretty much everything she shares is something that should be in my closet. Girl...let's talk. 😂 She shared the cutest two piece set that is finally back in stock. See it below!

See it here:

Ever since I was little I have always gotten a new dress for Easter. I don't know if I'll be able to this year, but the tradition will still live on! Easter dresses are always my favorite because of how pretty and feminine they are. Jessica Crum shared the most gorgeous Easter dress on her blog this week. You could easily wear this to any spring occasion such as a wedding!

See it here:

I love coats. I have seen so many beautiful, unique coats this year that I couldn't resist sharing this one. Samantha, from the New York Blonde shared this stunning blue coat on her Instagram yesterday that I had to add it to this round up post. The bottom of it is gorgeous!

See it here:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Let me know if you're doing something fun in the comments below!

Jumpsuit: Lilly Pulitzer (sold out, linked to the department page)

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