Sparkles and Sunshine: Workout moves you can do without a gym membership

Workout moves you can do without a gym membership

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Happy Tuesday!

Last year I decided to quit my gym membership because I really didn't want to pay for it anymore and my apartment complex had a decent gym inside of it. Ever since I joined the Tone It Up community, I have been able to take my workouts anywhere, including the beach!

Today I wanted to share a few workout moves that you can do without a gym membership. With the warmer weather finally here, it feels good to be outside! The first move is a standard push up. I am still building my way back up to doing them with the form below (I add a few here and there) but you can also do them on your knees. Below features how you can add a little extra challenge by using a lifted surface.

The next move is toe taps! I love toe taps because you can do these ANYWHERE! You can grab a weight, stand it up and tap that (haha), or a step stool and tap that. The options are endless. This move can increase your heart rate and add a nice burst of cardio to your workout!

If yoga is more your thing, take your practice outside! It is so calming to be outside, plus when it heats up you'll be sweating even more! I see many free yoga classes at the beach, the park, anywhere all the time. You just have to look for them! Sometimes you may have to pay a little but it's usually not too bad. All you need is a yoga mat and water bottle!

There's many other moves that you can do anywhere without equipment or with little equipment: crunches, squats, jumping jacks, plank jacks, etc. If you're looking for some great workouts to try, download the Studio Tone It Up app for tons of on demand classes and classes that you can do in the studio!

Top: Aerie
Bottoms: Aerie

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