Sparkles and Sunshine: Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up

Friday, February 2, 2018

Happy Friday!

Who is ready to do a ton of fun things this weekend?! Who is also ready to do absolutely nothing?! 🙌🙌🙌 Had to make sure I was talking to everyone haha! This weekend Chandler is headed home for a day or two and in the meantime I'm going to catch up with some friends of mine that I haven't seen in forever. Lately, I've been feeling like I've been so busy I haven't even enjoyed anytime with my friends. However, that's how friendship works! You should always be able to pick up where you left off!

Today's weekly round up post is filled with a ton of great finds. I hope you love it!


Since the Super Bowl is this weekend, I wanted to share some great snack/meal ideas that you and your friends will love!

First is from Fannetastic Food! She shares a ton of healthy snack ideas that all look delicious!

Read it here:

This next recipe is from Gimme Some Oven! This buffalo cauliflower dip looks amazing. I had a coworker who used to make buffalo cauliflower pieces for lunch all the time and I never tried it. So, I'm officially adding this to my list to try!

Read it here:

So, I'm not sure how I haven't heard of this before, but Love and Lemons shared a recipe for kale guacamole and it looks really good! For all of your friends that love avocado, this is definitely a must-have snack for Sunday!

Read it here:

I love everything Samantha posts! She is so inspiring and she always has great tips and recipes. Yesterday she shared a new hummus recipe that sounds great! I may be biased though because I LOVE hummus!

Read it here:

Last but not least, Carly the Prepster shared 11 Super Bowl Sunday eats that look incredible. If I had to pick one that I reallyyyy want to try, it would have to be the cheesy herbed garlic bread!

Read it here:


Starbucks just launched a new credit card with some insane benefits! Cosmopolitan breaks it down on the post below!

Read it here:

My entire department at work is slowly coming down with the flu and I'm freaking out on the inside! I really do not want to catch it. Julia from Lemon Stripes shared her tips on keeping the flu away as well as ways to help relieve the symptoms if you do come down with it.

Read it here:


Rachel Martino is so cute! I love her Instagram so much. She just shared two adorable photos that I have to show you all. The first is from an arctic resort and the second has a cute Super Bowl theme. See them below!

Super Bowl:

I love all of the pretty outfits that are shared around Valentine's Day. Kimberly King shared five beautiful looks that are perfect for that special day.

Read it here:

I love that it's starting to warm back up and turn into spring weather. We still have a little ways to go but it's comin'! Heather Poppie shared the cutest floral dress for her trip to Arizona that I have to get!

See it here:

Kat Tanita is such a babe! The other day she shared this gorgeous black maxi that screams summer!

See it here:

Since it's still cold pretty much EVERYWHERE, I had to share the cutest sweater from Lauren Steele! It's a nice neutral that you can wear all season long.

See it here:

That's all for this week's round up post. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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