Sparkles and Sunshine: Spring Florals with Gold N' Daisies

Spring Florals with Gold N' Daisies

Monday, February 26, 2018

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Chandler and I had a good time at his cousin's wedding. I always look forward to the reception because as soon as the food has been served and all of the toasts have been given, I basically live on the dance floor. I even joked that I have to be able to dance in my wedding dress when that day comes. If I can't move in it I'm not buying it! Also, the Olive Garden was amazing too. It was funny because the line was SO LONG and when I finally was about two people away, the other half of this family came up in front of me (not okay) and then the DJ announced that the bridal party and bride and groom would be coming in in just a few minutes and for the rest of the food line to go sit down until then. 

I thought to myself, "I did not wait this long just to leave with two (now four) people in front of me. I'm staying!" Haha! I'll tell you what though I had so much anxiety. They were going SOOOO SLOW! One guy couldn't make up his mind if he wanted croutons. Who wouldn't want croutons? I instantly knew that we couldn't be friends. Haha! Once it was my turn, I was like I want salad and croutons that's it. I took my bowl, got a plate served myself to pasta because it was faster and then swiftly walked to my table. I felt instant relief. Once all of the toasts were over, I then went and got some water. 😂

In other news, today I'm sharing this beautiful spring look from Gold N' Daisies! I've been sharing more and more of their new arrivals lately and out of all of them, this top is my favorite. I love floral designs on pretty much anything - dresses, tops, skirts, you name it! I first featured their Lily Floral Top in this weekly round up post over a week ago and today I am excited to share the full look which includes their Eve Textured Legging

Not only does the floral pattern on this top pop, but the sleeve details take this it to the next level! The best part about this look is you can pair either of these two pieces with so many different styles. You can choose so many different shades of jeans/jean shorts for the top and almost anything would go with these black leggings! I always keep a few pairs of black leggings on hand and if you're looking to amp up your legging game, these are for you! The texture alone adds a little bit of edge to a standard pair of leggings.

If you are loving their new arrivals that I have been sharing lately, click here to check them out! They have so many other pretty tops and bottoms that you all will love!

P.S. Don't forget to use code SPARKLE10 for 10% off your purchase!

Leggings: Gold N' Daisies
Shoes: Venus - Almost sold out in black!

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