Sparkles and Sunshine: February Barkbox

February Barkbox

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Happy Thursday!

Today is officially my Friday and I'm so happy. Tomorrow I Diesel and I are headed back home for Chandler's cousin's wedding. I actually still don't know what I'm wearing haha! I should probably figure that out tonight...haha!

Today I am excited to share the February Barkbox! This month's theme could not have been more perfect for Florida and the warmer weather we are experiencing. With the fun beach theme, Diesel and I made our way to the beach for a fun photo shoot!

My box's toys were Cecil's sea shell and Dancing Dani the squirrel.  I also received an all natural hickory smoked chew called the doggie biscotti and two treat bags: real lamb and bacon hula hearts and bacon and fruit snacks on the beach.

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