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Maxi Skirts and Sweaters

Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy Monday everyone!

So....this weekend was great! For Christmas, Chandler bought me a month's worth of horseback riding lessons and I had my first lesson on Saturday. Growing up I have always loved horses. I remember going to Books A Million with my mom just to buy a book called "Buying Your First Horse." (I wasn't buying one at all haha) I would spend time on the computer looking up horses for sale, convinced that one could fit in our smallish backyard. I remember finding one online for like $1,000 and thinking "Wow! That's not that much at all!" I was so naive haha! So, long story short, it was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! I'm already counting down the days until my next lesson, a.k.a. next Sunday, a.k.a. seven days away. :)

To make this weekend even more great, the JAGS WON!!! I can't believe we won our first playoff game. For anyone who has been a Jaguar fan for years knows that this is a HUGE deal because for a long (long) time, we have not been the strongest team. Until now! If we keep up the good work, we could inch our way closer to a shot at the Super Bowl. I mean how cool would that be!

As you all know, I adore Morning Lavender. They have the most gorgeous clothes and my favorite part about this company is their shipping time! I've never really mentioned it before, but this company kicks butt in getting product to their customers. Based in California, every order I have ever placed always arrives in about two days, maybe three at the max from the shipping confirmation email. Normally a package from California to Florida takes five to seven days. If you're ever worried about getting something in time, don't fret! They've got you covered. :)

I chose to style their Rosalie Flowy Silver Maxi Skirt with an old Lauren Conrad sweater. While this sweater isn't in stores anymore, any cropped shirt or regular length sweater or top pairs perfectly with this skirt. The skirt is long though so be ready to either wear heels or get it hemmed.

Promise it's worth it though! :) Morning Lavender has a great selection of midi and maxi skirts. See more here.

Sweater: Lauren Conrad (old)

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