Sparkles and Sunshine: 4 Tips for Keeping A Long Distance Relationship

4 Tips for Keeping A Long Distance Relationship

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Happy Friday Eve!

As we entered 2018 there was a topic that I knew I wanted to talk about. It's hard to enter a new year knowing that your special someone can't be there in person. It's even harder when you're reminded a month later at Valentine's Day. Chandler and I were only together for six months before the Navy sent him completely across the country to California. Long distance is one of the hardest things to do, and it's even harder when you're significant other is in the military. The time difference alone made after work conversations sometimes non-existent.

Today I want to share a few helpful tips on keeping a long distance relationship.

1. Learn each other's schedules.

This is huge when there's a time difference. Even though our three hour time difference might not seem like much, it really is. Since he had to get up early to get to work I was able to talk to him in the morning on my way to work. However, we couldn't talk during the day really at all. Our biggest opportunity to talk was in the evening. There was many times when he would be getting off of work and I would be going to bed but we made it work.

Find your time to connect and take advantage of every second. Time is precious.

2. Find what type of communication works best for you.

We are so lucky in this day in age to have access to so many forms of technology. Phone calls, video chats, text messages, you name it! Sometimes I think about how people did long distance relationships before all that. Those are the couples that I would like to meet because they are strong.

I'm the kind of person that likes to video chat because it made me feel like we were actually together. Since Chandler didn't have an IPhone, we used an app called Tango and it worked out pretty well for us. The video is never going to be picture perfect with any app but it's still better than nothing!

3. Keep yourself busy.

This is SO important. If you don't keep yourself busy, you will always be thinking about them which will lead you to being really upset. Luckily, there are so many good ways to keep yourself busy. Join a club, try a new fitness class, adopt a pet, etc. While I was living in my first apartment, I wanted to have my kitties with me so bad but I couldn't afford the pet deposit. For Christmas, my parents actually paid for the pet deposit so that I could have my kitties.

Having my cats around really helped keep me preoccupied. Everyday I would be at the gym and then I would come home, play with my kitties and then we would snuggle and go to bed. I loved it! Staying busy really is key and you will be happier in the long run. Just make sure that whatever you choose is positive and constructive.

4. Ask yourself is this what you really want.

I don't want to seem like I'm trying to throw a wrench into this, but I do think it's important to ask yourself "Is this what I really want?" It's okay to feel discouraged at times, doubtful at times and of course sad. However, you have to know that it is worth every phone call and every visit in order to keep it going. It's not going to be easy, so don't think I'm suggesting that ending it is taking the easy way out. I'm not saying that at all.

I only bring this up because I was asked this question. Is it what I really want? Of course you all know the outcome because he's in these photos! However, long distance doesn't work out for everyone. At the end of the day, you have to do your absolute best to make it work for the time that you have to. If you have done all of that, then the outcome will be what it will be.

I hope these tips help you if you are currently in or about to enter a long distance realtionship. Like I said, it isn't going to be easy, however it can end pretty great. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me in the comments below or via social. I will always try to answer what I can and do my best to help.

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