Sparkles and Sunshine: December 2017 Bark Box

December 2017 Bark Box

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

Today is my last day of work for this week and I'm super excited! Helllloooooo long weekend. Chandler and I are not leaving for the holidays until the end of this week, so I can't wait to just enjoy a nice Thursday off at home, watching Christmas movies all day with my puppy. ☺️

Speaking of Diesel, his December Barkbox came in the mail this past weekend! Of course it was adorable! The theme of this box was a Christmas in New York. All of his treats and toys had the cutest sayings and designs I just couldn't handle it! 😂 I swear they make this box for us puppy parents and not just the dog. 

Diesel got very spoiled with this box! His toys included Norm the nutcracker and a tree delivery dog. The nutcracker had the FUNNIEST squeak sound I have ever heard. If you saw my Instagram story then you know what I'm talking about. Barkbox calls it their "giggle stick" and boy did it make me laugh.

Next, are some very cleverly named treats (as usual). He got seven snacks a'quacking and six treats a'clucking. Every bag of Barkbox treats is wheat free, corn free, and soy free. They're also made in the USA!

To prove that my dog has a better life than me and eats better than me is his chew. He got a 100%  natural roasted beef steak. One thing that is important to note is that it specifically says to not use on carpets. In other words, Diesel is only allowed to chew on this on the porch or in the living room where there isn't any carpet. 😂

Last but not least, to match every box theme, Barkbox includes a flyer with something cute and fun! Since the theme was Christmas in New York, the box was lined with a paper that had a cute Christmas scene filled with dogs doing multiple things. The flyer pictured below was a scavenger hunt list, similar to Where's Waldo. It was a lot of fun to find everything!

If you're interested in trying out Barkbox, head over to their site to sign up today!

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