Sparkles and Sunshine: What To Wear To A Work Party

What To Wear To A Work Party

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Now that we've officially entered the holiday season, I wanted to share some really cute outfits that are perfect for your next work party. What you wear really depends on where you work right? Some places might be a little more conservative than others. I work at a fashion company, so there's always a huge mix of outfits!

All of the looks today are from Venus. This is not a sponsored post, I just love these looks! I will link the styles with each outfit under the last photo of every outfit.

The first look features this stunning skirt that just screams festive! The metallic shine really adds the finishing touch to it. If you're not really a red person, don't worry! It also comes in silver and black!

Cami: Venus 
(the overall outfit features the V-neck cami but I chose the scoop neck for a little more coverage)
Skirt: Venus
Heels: Venus
Necklace (my own) similar here: Venus 

This next look features a beautiful dress with the most intricate design. I picked this dress for this series because while the fit shows off your figure, the front also keeps you conservative with the cami like lining in the chest area. You can lean forward all night without worrying about having an accidental slip!

Dress: Venus
Shoes: Venus

Last but not least is this absolutely stunning lace bell sleeve dress. I'm a sucker for anything with bell sleeves. I just can't get enough of this trend! Do you guys remember the bell sleeve dress from Venus that I wore to my aunt's wedding? I got so many compliments on that dress and I know this one is another that everyone will love too!

The details on this dress are so beautiful and intricate like the dress above and it's also super easy to put on! No weird straps that I don't have time to figure out (criss cross back styles are not always my friend haha). With one quick zip in the front you're ready to go! 

Dress: Venus
Shoes: Venus

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you loved all of these looks!

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