Sparkles and Sunshine: What to get your pets for Christmas

What to get your pets for Christmas

Monday, November 20, 2017

Happy Monday everyone!

Diesel and I decided to go holiday shopping the other day at Pet Supermarket and we found some really cute holiday themed presents. I am so excited to share Diesel's first official gift guide.

As soon as you walk into Pet Supermarket, you will see so many holiday themed toys and cookies. Diesel went crazy as soon as he saw! I will say that the toys Diesel grabbed first (that you'll see as you scroll) are definitely for dogs that aren't what I call "destroyers" haha! So far I haven't seen any holiday toys online yet, but that doesn't mean they won't be. I would go to your local Pet Supermarket to see what they have.

Another great present for your dog is a new bed! Diesel has two or three dog beds and he loves every single one. We try to have one in every major room so that he always has his own spot. If your dog always likes being with everyone like Diesel does, I would definitely look into getting one or two!

Diesel couldn't forget about the kitties! I mean, they're his best fur-iends. At least he thinks so haha! We started walking through the aisles and found some great food, cat litter and of course toys!

 Oscar and Felix have their own toy box that I made two years ago and it is filled with all of their favorites. If you're wondering what to get for your cat, you can never go wrong with multiple flavors of canned wet food, some delicious treats and some new cat toys. My kitties love anything filled with catnip or covered in feathers.

All of the toys below are Diesel approved!

Diesel really liked this one haha!

You really can never go wrong with a big ol' catnip sack!

Around this time of year, most pet stores also carry gift sets in the shape of a stocking or box. These are perfect for cats! They always contain a great variety of toys which is why I love them. They are usually decently priced for what comes in them. 

Last but not least, I have always wanted to buy a cat tree. I think they are the coolest things ever! Diesel and I really liked this one and he helped me inspect it to make sure it was good enough for his brothers.

That's all for Diesel's first gift guide! If you're still looking for some great gifts, make sure to check out your local Pet Supermarket for hundreds of great ideas!

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