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Weekly Round Up

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hey there everyone!

If you saw my Insta story the other day, you saw that I was unable to post my weekly round up on Friday. Chandler and I were in a wedding this weekend and with the short week and travel and wedding events I just wasn't able to get it done in time. By the way, our friend's wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! She looked incredible in her dress, the reception was absolutely perfect, and I got to eat pasta. Talk about perfection. 😂💕🍝

However, I wanted to share this post even though it is a few days late.  Below are the articles I found from this week's weekly round up, I hope you enjoy.

P.S. I've added even more articles this week and organized it by category!


I suck at wrapping presents. No really. When I wrap presents, it looks like a toddler did it for the first time haha! My mom however is really good at wrapping presents so I thought alright, I need to step it up this year. Lauren McBride shared some great tips that I plan on using this year. Check it out!

Read it here:

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and since I live in Florida, I try to make my home look as Christmas-y (aka snowy or anything that looks like a seasonal change lol) as it can get. I have never tried to flock a tree before but I think it would a really fun thing to do this year. If you've never tried it either, Laura from The Turquoise Home shared a great tutorial! Have you ever tried it? Let me know in the comments below!

Read it here:


Alyson from Sequins and Things wrote an awesome article about holiday travel. Since November and December are filled with so many holiday events, there are so many opportunities for travel. My top two tips that she shared are: bring an extra empty bag for presents and a new travel app called GateGuru. She said she would be writing a review of that app soon so I can't wait to read it!

Read it here:

Chandler and I have made a few cross country road trips and have learned a few hacks. Jacey from Damsel in Dior shared some great hacks for your Thanksgiving road trip!

Read it here:


Every year I look forward to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! Victoria's Secret is my favorite brand and I just love how they put on such a fabulous show! Below are two articles about how to watch the fashion show and what performers will be there! The show DOES AIR EARLY this year on November 28th instead of in December as usual.

Read them here:

Every year my mom and I watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the National Dog Show. It's tradition! Refinery 29 shared the TV schedule for Thanksgiving day and there's some pretty good stuff on (as usual). 😃 Check it out to plan your relaxing day!

Read it here:


I have always loved everything that Cara Jourdan shares on her blog, Instagram account, and well everything else! She recently shared the most beautiful dress post that just screams New Year's Eve. Check it out for some serious NYE inspo.

Read it here:

Folake shared the most gorgeous wide leg jumpsuit. As soon as I saw the photos I was like is she posing for a magazine because her photos are on point! The blue color and style of the jumpsuit would look gorgeous on so many skin tones and body types which makes it a major must-have!

Read it here:

I LOVED reading this final article from Katie's Bliss. She shared an article filled with 30 Thanksgiving outfit ideas! I loved that this post included a combination of flat lay shots + on model shots. It really brought the post to life and of course, I loved the outfits that she shared!

Read it here:

That's it for this week's weekly round up! I hope everyone had a great weekend, and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Photography: Chantell Cruz Photography

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