Sparkles and Sunshine: Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up

Friday, November 10, 2017

Happy Friday!!!

Today I am enjoying a nice, much needed day off from work. I am going to spend the day getting ahead on some cute holiday blog content, snuggling with Diesel and running some errands!

I am super excited to share this week's weekly round up post with all of you because for the first time, I am adding more articles! I am going to keep adding on each week, so if you see any great blog posts, please send them to me. I'd love to read them!

With all of that being said, let's get started!

I am LOVING chenille sweaters right now and I found two this week that caught my eye! The first is from Vogue For Breakfast. The look she created was absolutely perfect for the holidays, especially the booties she paired it with. I'm seriously obsessed! The next look is from A Sparkle Factor. The sweater she shared is a beautiful gold/mustard color that has all sorts of fall feels.

Read them here:

This past week I have definitely been in a time change slump. That extra hour of sleep was almost too good to pass up! That extra hour of sleep cost me my morning workouts though. I've gotten everything back in order with the help of the Tone It Up community plus a few awesome blog posts! Gal Meets Glam shared some great tips for staying motivated with the new time change that are truly helpful. Olivia Rink also shared a great article about why having a routine is so important. If you're going/went through the same struggle this week, definitely check out the articles below!

Read them here:

My mom and I have been shopping on Black Friday since I can remember! As a marketer, I am always looking at what other retailers are doing for the big day and have been surprised at the amount of Black Friday ads that have already been launched! Cosmopolitan Magazine shared an article with a few ads from some of the top retailers: Target, Amazon, etc. Start planning now!!!

Read it here:

Last but not least, there's a new form of exercise in town! Similar but different to TRX, Spiderbands are fabric covered resistance bands that allow you to do moves that engage your whole body without the risk of poor form that can harm you. If you're in New York, there's already one studio there when you can try this with another studio on the way. For more information, read the article below!

Read it here:

Those are all of my finds for this week and I hope you all loved them! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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