Sparkles and Sunshine: My Favorite Ugly Christmas Sweaters

My Favorite Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Monday, November 27, 2017

Happy Monday!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?! Chandler and I went to my parent's house and had a nice time! My mom and I spent the weekend decorating the house for Christmas as we do every Thanksgiving weekend. We put up the tree, our holiday village, a flag and more! (if you saw my Insta story this weekend you saw the village) The house never looked better! 😂

This season I will be sharing some of my favorite holiday traditions one by one. The first tradition was the decorating and the one I am sharing today is the classic ugly Christmas sweater. I think they're absolutely hilarious and a great holiday tradition. The best part about them is that you can find them anywhere.

The first one is from Altar'd State. Altar'd State has the most pretty and fun holiday clothing and gifts right now. I was in their store last week and saw this and freaked out of excitement because it was just too funny. That's the number one rule with an ugly sweater for me: the uglier/funnier the better! This one features a pug on it and it says "Gansta Wrapper." 

The second sweater is from Francesca's. This was the first ugly sweater that I saw and loved how clever it was. I mean, let's be honest, anything that has a Beyonce reference is perfection! If you love a good pun like me, you'll love this.

They also have a ton of other ugly sweaters to pick from too! View more here.

Last but not least is this amazing sweater from Walmart. It says it's out of stock online but they had it in store! Walmart is my absolute favorite place to buy ugly Christmas sweaters. Pro tip: shop in the men's section. The men's section always has the BEST sweaters. They're super funny and they're already bigger so they're super cozy.

I didn't find one that I was in love with from the men's section this year but stock does vary from store to store. I highly recommend looking there and in the women's section to find your perfect sweater. View more of their ugly Christmas sweaters here.

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