Sparkles and Sunshine: Fall Date Series - Night At The Fair

Fall Date Series - Night At The Fair

Monday, November 6, 2017

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday, I had a ton of fun at my friend Sarah's bachelorette party. We kept things pretty chill and she had a blast! 😊

Now on to today's blog post! I wanted to share the next date idea in my fall date series. Today, we are headed to the fair! Growing up, my dad didn't let me go to the fair because he said it wasn't safe. It wasn't until high school that I went with one of my best friends and his friends to the fair for the first time. Of course I went on pretty much every ride!

The Jacksonville Fair just opened last week and Chandler and I had to go! I will say that this was the most terrifying fair experience of my life. Haha! I felt like I was going to die on pretty much every ride, except for the bumper cars because my car stopped working twice! It was pretty funny. Chandler "had" to hit my car to make it move. 😂

On our first game, Chandler won me an adorable little husky that became the star of our photo shoot as you will see in the upcoming photos. He was pretty proud of it!

The first ride that Chandler and I went on looked so innocent, I even picked it! It was a mini roller coaster that made you feel like you were going to be thrown off from the top. I was so scared! We got some pretty funny pictures from it though.

Of course when we got off the ride, we had to take a family photo.

The next ride that scared the crap out of me was the pirate ship of death. Clearly I renamed it haha! Chandler thought it would be best to have us sit in the way back seat -  I had no idea what I was in for... Again, many funny photos. 

Then, we went on the bumper cars. My safety was given back to me. We were the only ones on this ride too at the time which made it super fun and competitive!

That face lol

After the bumper cars, we were in the mood for another game! Side note - I had no idea how much money people spend at the fair. Every game is $5 per person and then each ride is a certain amount of money per person too, unless they have a deal like we got where it was unlimited rides for $20 per person. Still a lot of money though...and that's without price of admission and parking.

Chandler and I had worked up an appetite after all of the games and rides. We all know there's nothing better than greasy fast food at the fair. #cheatday haha!

Last but not least, we took a ride on the ferris wheel. I have never been on one before but I've always wanted to! I thought my fear of heights would get in the way, but the view from above was beautiful though. I did look only in front of me for a minute or two though if I'm being honest. Haha! It was the perfect end to a perfect night!

For all of my Jacksonville followers, the fair is going on until the 12th! To make my father laugh/proud, I will say to be cautious on what rides you do go on since it is the fair. Also, make sure to bring a decent amount of money since it was more expensive than I thought it was going to be.

And of course, have fun!!! 😊

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