Sparkles and Sunshine: Diesel's First Birthday

Diesel's First Birthday

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hey there everyone!

I can't believe Diesel is a year old! I'm not sure if everyone knows the story of how we got Diesel. It's actually pretty cool. :)

One day I was talking about dogs with one of my friends Samantha and how I had been wanting one of my own for the past year. Growing up, I've always had dogs, so not having one has always made my home feel empty. Granted, I did have my cats, but it's a completely different feeling.

We got to talking about how when she got her dog she just decided to do it since there wasn't ever going to be a picture perfect time to get one. I knew she was right and so that night I asked Chandler if he wanted to go look at puppies and without any hesitation, he said yes!

We were looking around at all the shelters but none of them had puppies. We wanted a puppy because I already have dogs back home, and it's easier to introduce a puppy to a group of older dogs than an older dog since older dogs are more set in their ways than puppies are.

Every shelter that we found near us, I called in advance to see if they had puppies so we wouldn't drive out there for nothing. Eventually I found this one shelter about 40 minutes away in Middleburg called Safe Animal Shelter. For some reason I didn't want to call the one shelter that was decently far away. I told him let's just go and see what happens. Chandler was shocked because this was so not like me (not having a plan that is).

When we got there, we were looking around and in the second to last kennel was a small little two month old brindle puppy sleeping the day away. We told the woman at the shelter that we would love to see him and she had to really try to wake him up because all he wanted to do was sleep! I should have known then how lazy of a dog he was going to be haha!

We took him in his own room with toys to see how he did and funny enough, while he was happy we were there, all he really cared about were the bags of food that were against the wall. He sniffed them out and kept trying to open the bags! After a little bit of time with Diesel, I called my mom to go over everything since she's the dog expert, and she told me the best thing to do was to make a pro and con list and to think about it for a day so that I wouldn't be impulsive. The shelter told us that we could call back on Wednesday (it was a Sunday that we went and they are open Wednesday through Sunday) to let them know if we wanted him.

On the drive back we started making the list. THE list. A.k.a., the pro list because there were no cons. Chandler and I both wanted a dog and Diesel was the one for us. With two minutes before they were closed (4:58PM), I called them back to confirm that we wanted him and I put down a deposit for the adoption fee. We were so excited that we were finally getting a puppy.

We were able to pick up Diesel one month later (a week or two before Christmas) after his ring worm cleared up and it was the best Christmas gift we had gotten yet. Diesel was able to celebrate his first Christmas back home with Chandler, myself, my parents, his dog fur brothers and sisters and of course the kitties.

The best part about Diesel's story, is that the shelter had actually gotten him only a day before we found him there. It was meant to be. ❤️

Below are pictures of Diesel as a puppy and under that are photos from his birthday party last night!

1 year ago 💕🐶

Birthday Boy 🎉🎈

Birthday invites

Birthday Cake 

Because he can have his cake and eat it too! 

 Presents!!! (Which we were not expecting!)

A very tired puppy after his first birthday party

Cake: Woofgang Bakery Jacksonville (they have multiple locations!)
They also offer grooming services, doggie day care and more!

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