Sparkles and Sunshine: Diesel's First BarkBox

Diesel's First BarkBox

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Chandler and I are so thankful for so many things, but Diesel is definitely at the top of our list. He has been such a good boy (most of the time lol) and we wanted to give him a Thanksgiving present like no other.

I have been wanting to try BarkBox for a while now, but I wasn't sure if it was worth it or not. Every BarkBox comes with the following each month:
  • 2 themed toys
  • 2 bags of treats
  • 1 chew
While the two theme toys aren't the type that will stay around fur-ever because of my destroyer puppy, they are fun for a little while. The treats that come in the box are really great quality! They are always all-natural and they are made in the USA or Canada! Last but not least, the chew that he gets is probably his favorite part. We have a ton of bones for Diesel to chew on because it's the one thing that he cannot destroy after hours of chewing!

The theme I got was Bark University and oh my god was it CUTE!!! Since I was in a sorority in college, I got a good laugh at the names of the treats: Lambda Treata Phi and Brew Biscuits. All of the toys were also college themed: High Licker (lighter lol) and pup noodles (ramen noodles).

My absolute favorite part of the box was the acceptance letter and course catalog (dogalog) for Diesel. The letter was the most adorable thing I have ever read!!!! It was filled with funny puns and it was signed by the dean of admissions: Bella Ada Tenderloin. I mean COME ON! 😂😂😂 The course dogalog also had the most perfect class for Diesel: chemistry. Fun fact: Diesel farts a lot and I mean a lot. 😂

This box is probably my favorite subscription box I've ever gotten and it wasn't even for me! I swear, as soon as I saw it I wanted to quit my job and go work for Barkbox so that I could come up with clever dog puns all day!

If you're interested in trying BarkBox, head over to their site to get started! You can add more items to your box for an additional charge.You start by identifying the size of your dog (Diesel is big and bold haha). Then you choose what plan you want.

The plans they offer are:
  • 12 months for $21 per box
  • 6 months for $25 per box
  • 1 month for $29
If you have any questions, they have a great customer service team on their chat feature. I've reached out to them a few times with questions leading up to this first purchase and they were great!

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