Sparkles and Sunshine: Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up

Friday, October 27, 2017

Happy Friday babes!

What are everyone's plans for the weekend?! On Sunday, I am participating in my first 5K in a while and of course it's on the coldest day of the week yet (high is 67). To us Floridians, that's REALLY cold! Northerners, feel free to laugh at me. Haha!

So this week I am featuring a TON of fashion posts. Since we had some actual fall weather here this week, I've had all sorts of fashion feels. I hope you like them!

Speaking of fall weather outfits, as soon as I stumbled upon Caitlin's Instagram photo of this gorgeous Tassel Trim Wrap, I knew I had to share it in my weekly round up! The colors are so perfect for fall, and the tassel trim brings back my favorite spring/summer season detail.

Read it here:

Every blogger should have an understanding of how Google Analytics works. SEO (search engine optimization) is so important because this improves your blog's chances of being found in search. I highly recommend reading this article!

Read it here:

I have seen this stunning J Crew skirt on a handful of bloggers and have loved how everyone has styled it. As soon as I saw Holly's post I knew (yet again lol) that I had to feature it!

Read it here:

Mckenna Bleu does it again! She took Halloween costumes to the next level with her Gal-O-Ween blog post. To get some serious costume inspo before the holiday, check out her post!

Read it here:

I have always loved the color pink. No matter the shade, no matter what it is; I just love pink! Arielle from Something Navy shared the most stunning pink blazer this week on her blog and I seriously want it. However, the price tag on it is a bit steep. But, under the article, I shared a few other pink blazers that I found with a cheaper price ticket.

Read it here:

Pink blazer 1: Lulu's (I'm definitely getting this)
Pink blazer 2: Nordstrom (love the ruffles)
Pink blazer 3: Nordstrom (classic style)


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