Sparkles and Sunshine: Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up

Friday, October 20, 2017

Happy Friday!!

What are you guys doing this weekend?! Tomorrow I am participating in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk with the American Cancer Society for the second year in a row and I'm super excited. This event is so fun because you can get dressed up in as much pink as you want and walk for a great cause. I'll be sure to post on my Insta story!

Now, for this week's weekly round up I'm sharing a few familiar faces because I truly loved the articles they shared but I also have some new faces. I hope you love it!

Ok, first up, let's talk about work. We've ALL had a not-so-great boss before. If you haven't yet, I hope you never do. However, odds are you might. We all have a ton of things we wish we could tell our bosses right? Things that would probably get us fired if we said them. Career Girl Daily wrote an article called Things I Wish I Could Tell My Boss and it is so accurate. You're in for a good read with this one!

You all know that I'm new to blogging. Blogging comes with a lot of different challenges. Jaclyn from My View in Heels shared an amazing article about how blogging has affected her relationship. There are so many points that I have already seen within my own relationship, which made this article very relatable. She also shared some great tips within this article too. I highly recommend reading!

Read it here:

Staying on the topic of new to blogging, Bailey from Here's the Skinny shared a great article called Collaboration Over Competition. This article talks about how powerful the blogger community is and how we should always be supporting each other. She even mentions how this isn't always the case which I have seen before. I love how she is so supportive of all bloggers and that she touched on this topic. Way to go girl!

Read it here:

Chandler and I both love to travel, but with the budget we're on, it's hard to make that happen. Refinery 29 shared an article with 32 last-minute vacations that won't break the bank. For each location, they even go one step further to share a splurge AND save option!

Read it here:

I have recently read a few blog posts about setting and accomplishing goals for the year, or things to accomplish while you're XX age and I've LOVED them! I'm really thinking about doing a similar post. I stumbled upon Jordyn from The Fairy Princess Diaries' blog post about 101 things she wants to do in 1001 days. I love how she divided it up between work, school, blogging, etc.

Read it here:

That's it for this week's round up! I hope you enjoyed it and I would love to read any other blog posts in the comments below. :)


  1. I checked out that article, "Things I Wish I Could Tell my Boss" and it's interesting. I think if I was called a different name, that would bother me.

    The Heba xx

  2. It definitely was an interesting article! I loved the idea of writing a letter!


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