Sparkles and Sunshine: My Tone It Up Tour Experience

My Tone It Up Tour Experience

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hey Tone It Up Girls!!!!!!

This past Saturday I attended the Tone It Up Tour in Tampa and had the BEST TIME EVER!!! Originally, I wasn't able to go this year because it wasn't in our budget. However, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one night and saw that one of the bloggers I follow, Adeline Waugh, creator of Vibrant and Pure, was doing a raffle for Tone It Up Tour tickets and I entered on a whim.

The next day, I received a message from Adeline stating that I WON!!!!! I've never won anything in my life and so to win this was a dream come true! I was able to meet up with one of my coworkers and her friends at the event and we had such a great time.

The tour schedule was as follows:
Lacey, our yoga instructor was amazing! Since the weather was so hot, yoga was the perfect way to start the day since it was a nice soothing flow. Once this was done we had about ten to fifteen minutes before Jillian Michaels came on. If you saw any of my Insta story  (I took one video when she came out and one when we were stretching) or any other TIU girl's Insta story, you would have seen that Jillian Michaels came to play! I have never done any of her workouts before (even though I have some tapes at home which I'm going to try this week lol) but oh my God she kicked all of our butt's SO HARD!

I played soccer a little when I was in high school and my coach was the kind that would yell at you to motivate you. I respond very well to that type of motivation because I like someone screaming at me to keep me going. I know, I'm weird. But that's just what Jillian did! She was yelling and screaming at us to push ourselves to our limit and man was I (and most likely every girl there) exhausted afterwards. After that workout we had about fifteen minutes until Karena & Katrina came out and I used that time to chug a huge bottle of Core water! haha!  

Then, the time that we had all been waiting for had come. Karena & Katrina!!!!!! I have never worked out with or seen these girls in person before until this day. They are so funny when they are together, they had the whole crowd in hysterics. We did an awesome booty band workout, some yoga and more. What I loved most, was that they rotate between being on stage and working out with people in the crowd. I was so lucky, Karena and Katrina came by me!!! 

Besides the workouts, the tour featured massage tables, a braid bar, a rose quartz bracelet stand, an endless supply of core water, delicious kombucha (that I tried for the first time), some tone it up merch that I was not fast enough to score haha, sunscreen and Moroccan hair spray stations and of course a Rose Garden for VIP members (there was a rose stand for general admission too)!

This tour was definitely made for all of us Tone It Up girls and could not have been more perfect. After the tour I looked up the #tiutour hashtag to see what other TIU girls were posting on Insta and actually made a friend! I haven't done the best at meeting new people in the TIU community, and so one goal that I have set for myself, is to really interact with the community and make some amazing TIU fitness friends!

I cannot wait to go again next year, and that time I will definitely save up to have VIP access. If you have attended any of the Tone It Up Tour locations, please comment below because I would love to meet you and work out together via the app or if you're a Florida native!

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