Sparkles and Sunshine: How To: Travel With Your Pet(s)

How To: Travel With Your Pet(s)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I am still so happy with my Nissan Rogue S. It has so much room and we have been able to take Diesel and his family everywhere! As I'm sure most of you pet owners know, traveling with pets isn't always easy. Depending on the size of the animal and how it deals with travel, can make the trip easy or hard. In this blog post I will be sharing many helpful hints for traveling with your pets.

My kitties for instance, each have their own cat carriers and they usually meow for a little while in the beginning and then they quiet down and relax for the rest of the trip. To comfort them, I usually put one of my t-shirts in the cat carrier along with a toy (that they usually never play with haha).

When it comes to Diesel, I have to do a little more than that. I purchased a seat cover for the back seat of my car from Walmart to help contain his fur and any dirt that he might bring in. This seat cover is water proof and it's scented so that it deodorizes the smell of dog from your car. I highly recommend getting something like this because it will keep your seats nice.

Here are a two options found at Walmart:
Option 1 - waterproof and tear proof
Option 2 - waterproof and non-slip

If your furry friend also likes to climb to the front of the car like Diesel does, I also recommend getting a car barrier. There are so many different types of barriers that you can get. Some separate the back area of the car from the passenger seats, giving your pet the whole back side of the car.

The barrier that I like is one that separates the front of your car near the center console from the rest of the car. The reason why I find it so important is because one time Diesel was standing on my center console and someone cut me off, causing me to hit my breaks and Diesel to fall. After that, he didn't like car rides for months. He's better now but that's definitely something I learned.

Here are a two options found at Walmart:
Option 1
Option 2

For longer car rides, I like to bring some of his favorite bones. Flavor bones keep Diesel occupied and calm which keeps us happy too! Grab your pets favorite and I promise the ride will be smoother. Recently, we have also rolled down the window a little bit because he loves smelling everything. He loves this so much that he's actually started to figure out how to roll down the window! :P

In a previous blog post, I shared a website called that helps you find dog friendly attractions in any area. I recently used this again when we brought Diesel with us to Tampa last for the Tone It Up Tour. I also went on to find pet friendly rooms. I have found that no matter what, I always have to call the hotel to book a reservation because not all sites have the option to note that you're bringing a pet.

We were able to find a great dog friendly hotel with a bed big enough for all of us. Needless to say, we all slept great! :)

I hope you all loved this travel post and if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below!


  1. Great tips! I try to bring my dogs with me when I go places but it's usually just around town or to my parents house, lol. I hope to start bringing them on trips soon!


    1. You totally should! We love bringing Diesel everywhere and he loves it too! Always a chance for him to make a new friend lol. :)


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